Ox-clan Merchant Camp

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Settlements-icon.png Ox-clan Merchant Camp
Region: Nan Curunír
Area: Isengard
Location: [79.9S, 0.2E]
Ox-Clan Merchant Camp
Ox-clan Merchant Camp - External Entrance


The Ox-clan Merchant Camp is a settlement located high on the rim of the southern and eastern ridge of the Misty Mountains, but outside the walls of Isengard in Nan Curunír. [79.9S, 0.2E]

Access to the camp is through a pipe at the base of the mountains just south-west of the camp, in Nan Curunir. [80.3S, 0.0E]


The following services can be found within the Ox-clan Merchant Camp:




The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this place:





List of NPCs that are found within this area:


The following NPCs provide services.

Vendor Position Location
Healer [80.0S, 0.4E]
Provisioner [80.0S, 0.4E]
DunlendingM.png Gwion Sigil Vendor [79.9S, 0.2E]
Supplier [80.0S, 0.4E]


  • All trainers barter for unique, class restricted, armour sets.

The following are class trainers.

Trainer Position Location Armour Sets
HumanF.png Beorning Trainer (Nan Curunír) Beorning Trainer [80.0S, 0.3E] Greater Armour of the Tower Smasher
Greater Armour of the Tower Guard
Greater Armour of the Echoing Roar
Armour of the Tower Smasher
Armour of the Tower Guard
Armour of the Echoing Roar
DunlendingF.png Seirian Burglar Trainer [79.9S, 0.2E] Armour of the Tasdan
Armour of the Gambler
Armour of the Cabeddan
Armour of the Dinhigil
The Mischief-maker's Armour
Armour of the Quiet Knife
DunlendingM.png Derwent Captain Trainer [80.0S, 0.2E] The Leader's Armour
Armour of the Menestaid
Armour of the Tognir
Armour of the Healing Hands
Armour of the Dagor
Armour of the Charge
DunlendingM.png Elgan Champion Trainer [80.0S, 0.3E] Armour of the Othrod
Armour of the Deadly Storm
Armour of the Delualagos
Armour of the Martial Champion
Armour of the Ruithador
The Berserker's Armour
DunlendingM.png Cledwun Guardian Trainer [80.0S, 0.2E] Armour of the Laingarth
Armour of the Lúmaethwë
Armour of the Shadow-fighter
Armour of the Laighathel
The Free Defender's Armour
Armour of the Keen Blade
DunlendingF.png Tegan Hunter Trainer [80.0S, 0.2E] Armour of the Faron
Armour of the Cúdur
The Huntsman's Armour
Armour of the Trapper
The Bowmaster's Armour
Armour of the Gonathradir
DunlendingM.png Angwun Lore-master Trainer [79.9S, 0.2E] Armour of Nature's Fury
The Beast-keeper's Armour
Armour of the Iordúr
Armour of the Amaruith
Armour of the Lavanhebron
The Ancient Master's Armour
DunlendingM.png Brecon Minstrel Trainer [79.9S, 0.2E] Armour of Resolve
Armour of the Hadollin
The Warrior-skald's Armour
The Song-protector's Armour
Armour of the Glírberion
Armour of Thelin
DunlendingM.png Goronwy Rune-keeper Trainer [79.9S, 0.2E] Armour of Erebraw
Armour of Solitary Thunder
Armour of the Benediction
Armour of the Eglerin
Armour of Cleansing Fire
Armour of Puignor
DunlendingM.png Fionn Warden Trainer [80.0S, 0.3E] Armour of the Fist-way
Armour of the Aithlen
Armour of the Porbad
Armour of the Shield-way
Armour of the Thamen
Armour of the Spear-way


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