Lalia's Market

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Lalia's Market
Region: Bree-land
Settlement: Bree
Location: [30.2S, 51.3W]
Lalia's Market Interior.jpg

Lalia's Market is an interior in Bree. [30.2S, 51.3W]

This cozy clothing market is located at the northern end of Market Square, just by the Market Gate. Bob's daughter Lalia (otherwise renowned for her exploits in the Northern Barrow-downs) sells a plentiful assortment of dye. She also oversees numerous vendors selling all manner of attire, from fanciful dresses to stalwart plate for man and beast.


Lalia's Market Exterior

HobbitF.png Lalia - Dye Vendor
HobbitF.png Dusty - Lootbox Vendor
HumanF.png Clothing Vendor
HumanM.png Vault-keeper

Current Stock


Entryway of Lalia's Market Capes for sale in Lalia's Market One of several shops in Lalia's Market Steeds dressed for battle in the market A vault-keeper set up conveniently within the market

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