Iron Hills

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Iron Hills

Iron Hills is a region found within the land of Rhovanion.

This area of iron rich hills is home to a branch of the Longbeard dwarves.

  • Level: 116 - 120
  • Crafting: Ironfold (T12)

Iron Hills Locations

Locations found within the region of Iron Hills are listed below.

Area.png Areas

Settlement.png Settlements

Landmark.png Landmarks

Interior.png Interiors

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Connected Locations

Iron Hills Quests



Into the Ironfold Quest chain

Assisting Járnfast

Assisting Hammerstead

After The Defence of Hammerstead

The Defence of Hammerstead quest chain

Infiltrating Er Shamol quest chain

The pass to Men Angrún

Beneath the Fold

For more detail, see Iron Hills Quests
Iron Hills Quests(8 C, 43 P)

Iron Hills Deeds

Iron Hills Deeds

For more detail, see Iron Hills Deeds
Iron Hills Deeds(3 C)

Iron Hills Titles

For all titles obtainable for this region, see Iron Hills Titles
Iron Hills Titles(4 P)

Ered Mithrin and Withered Heath Reputations

Iron Hills Creatures

Iron Hills Creatures(34 P)


Crafting Tier(s):

Ironfold (T12): Ironfold Skarn Deposit, Thornholt Branch, Ironfold Hide, Ironfold Artifact Chest

Crafting Location(s):

Crafting Facilities:

All crafting areas contain facilities for all Professions except Farming.
All facilities qualify as both "standard" and "superior".


Map of the Iron Hills

Iron Hills Detailed Maps

Iron Hills Survey Markers

Settlements, Areas and Landmarks of Iron Hills
Settlements: JárnfastHammerstead
Areas: The Ironfold
Landmarks: Skald's DropThe DáinlikUtterby
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