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Epic Battles are a new combat mechanic introduced in November 2013 as part of Update 12: Helm's Deep. While they are special instanced battles, unlike skirmishes or raids, which focus on small scale tactical combat, Epic Battles are more concerned with strategic combat across the whole battlefield. They introduce a number of new game mechanics, including siege weapons, leading Rohirrim soldiers and death streaks, the efficiency of which is improved by acquiring and spending trait points in the three new roles.

Players must have purchased the Helm's Deep Expansion Pack to access Epic Battles, and can access the content from level 10 or above.

A new Epic Battle, called Retaking Pelargir, set in Gondor, has been added in Update 15.[1]

With Update 17, two new Epic Battles were made available, The Defence of Minas Tirith and Hammer of the Underworld.

Note: With Update 18, the level cap was increased to 105 but epic battles will be scaled to level 100. This may change in the future but currently this page already lists the level as 105.

Road to Battle


The Road to Battle screen allows players to select the battle and group size they wish to participate in. There is no difference in difficulty between undertaking an Epic Battle alone (Solo) or with a friend (Duo), making it significantly easier to gain higher Merit ratings by undertaking an Epic Battle in a pair. Instances designed for Small Fellowships, Fellowships or Raids take place on a larger battlefield, with additional side quests or objectives to complete.

Available Instances

Within the Instance Finder in game Epic Battles are divided into 2 clusters Defence of Rohan and War for Gondor.

In both epic battles clusters, only the first battle is available initially. Each battle must be completed successfully before the next becomes available to play.

The completion of Epic Battles: Basic Training is not required. At Level 10, the deed Epic Battles Await will be auto-bestowed and auto-completed and you will receive a letter from Erkenbrand's Messenger, An Epic Battle Awaits, which will lead you to the tutorial, if you need a basic introduction to how epic battles function.

Defence of Rohan

Name Size
Helm's Dike Solo/Duo, Fellowship (Six)
The Deeping Wall Solo/Duo, Raid (Twelve)
The Deeping-coomb Solo/Duo
The Glittering Caves Solo/Duo, Small Fellowship (Three)
The Hornburg Solo/Duo

War for Gondor

Name Size
Retaking Pelargir Solo/Duo, Fellowship (Six)
Defence of Minas Tirith Solo/Duo, Small Fellowship (Three)
Hammer of the Underworld Solo/Duo, Fellowship (Six)

Level Scaling

Main article: Level Scaling

Epic Battles take advantage of Level Scaling to allow any character level 10 or higher to participate alongside other characters regardless of level. Upon entering the instance your character stats, equipment and weapons are scaled to level 120 for the duration of the battle.



Main article: Promotions

Completing objectives within an instance, including side quests, builds up Merit. If sufficient Merit is gained during an instance medals can be awarded (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum), which grant the character points to spend in the Promotions page. This unlocks special Epic Battle skills, abilities and bonuses.

Note: Up to 50 Promotion Points may also be purchased in the LOTRO Store (395 LP per 10 Promotion Points).


Characters can spend points on the Promotions page to specialize in one of three Epic Battle roles, which take advantage of newly introduced game mechanics:

  • Engineer: Places, operates and upgrades traps, barricades and siege weapons.
  • Officer: Commands the Rohirrim on the battlefield, issuing orders and controlling their strategy.
  • Vanguard: Fights from the front, unleashing devastating combination attacks and inspiring others to fight harder.

Battle History



Main article: Merit
Displayed on the Battle History page, Merit is earned from completing primary and secondary Epic Battle objectives. Each quest within the Epic Battles has a number of factors which contribute to it positively or negatively; fulfil green requirements to earn Merit while avoiding red requirements which will take it away. Successfully completed the primary and secondary quests can earn you one of four levels of Medal (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum).


Main article: Epic Battles Reward Jewellery
Earning Medals during Epic Battles not only grants Promotions but also loot in the form of Epic Battles Reward Jewellery. Filling each of the tracking bars at the bottom of the Battle History page will earn you a different piece of jewellery, including a special set of class jewellery which can provide powerful bonuses when worn along with other pieces of the set.



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