Epic Battle: The Glittering Caves

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The Glittering Caves
Level: 10 or higher
Size: Solo/Duo, Small Fellowship(3)
Cluster: Battle for Helm's Deep
Region: West Rohan
Area: Helm's Deep


The Glittering Caves is an Epic Battle for Helm's Deep. This is the fourth battle you must complete in Solo/Duo mode before you can access the next Epic Battle.

Difficulty Level

This is a scaled instance, designed for solo, duo or small fellowship (3 players) from level 10 and up.
It is available in the Instance Finder and the Road to Battle panel.
Estimated completion time is between 30-45 minutes.


Quests can only be completed once per day and can be run Solo, Duo or in a Small Fellowship [100] Epic Battle: The Glittering Caves

Possible side objectives for The Glittering Caves.


Known Deeds for this instance (usually bestowed upon first entrance) include:


These mobs are encountered within:
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Instance Overview

Helm's Dike forms the first barrier of defence for Rohan's final stand. Saruman's army marches, angry and ready for war. You must hold the Dike against three waves of enemy forces.

Walk-through and Tactics

First Wave This instance is arguably one of the more difficult to traverse due to the lack of a map and the terrain. Familiarize yourself with the routes and be prepared to backtrack in order to reach areas quickly. The first attack will begin on either the east (Gimli) or west (Gamling) side of the caves. Keep your Soldiers alive as much as possible and be prepared for the possible side objectives:
West Side side Objectives

East Side side Objectives

Second Wave The second attack will be on the opposite side of the caves, and the battle will go more or less the same as the west side. Once you are called to the center, the enemy will begin to march towards your location. If you wait too long to get to the centre defensive points, you will be instantly defeated by enemy archers.

Final Wave The last wave will march towards the center area of the caves. There will be more allied Soldiers per group but more enemies as well. Be prepared for the possible side objectives: Final side Objectives


All Epic Battles pull from the same rewards pool see Main article: Epic Battle Rewards
Rewards are based on the Medals achieved during the instance. There are four medals; Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. Higher medals offer better rewards. Most Epic Battles will have a main objective and several side objectives. Each objective completed will give a medal. Players will receive at least 2 medals per instance (2 pool of rewards) but can earn far more. Larger size Epic Battles have more objectives and reward more medals.

There are five rewards given for each Medal:

  • Epic Battle Promotion Points for first time Medals or when a higher level Medal is awarded for an objective already complete
  • Epic Battle Reward Points to fill the rewards bar for a Jewellery Reward
  •  Mark,  Medallion and  Star of Merit for bartering
  • Reward boxes (one for each objective you complete) that include more Jewellery, Marks, Medallions, Stars of Merit, Universal Solvent, Stat Tomes, Supreme Essence, Symbols for crafting Legendary Weapons, Steeds and many more items.
Metals Side quest Main quest
Battle for Helm's Deep Instances
Gold, Silver and Bronze  Quartermaster's Reward  Gifts of Rohan
Platinum (Rewards Incomparable and Epic)  Quartermaster's Fine Armaments  Treasures of Rohan

Map and Gallery


Also known as Aglarond, the Glittering Caves is a series of jewelled caverns beneath the White Mountains behind Helm's Deep which served as a refuge for the Rohirrim women, children and elderly during the Battle of the Hornburg. Following the destruction of the Deeping Wall several Rohirrim including Éomer and Gimli were forced to retreat into the caves, defending it against Saruman's Orcs. When Gimli first entered the caves was taken by its beauty, and following the conclusion of the War of the Ring he established a Dwarf colony here and was crowned Lord of the Glittering Caves.[1][2][3][4][5]