Officer (Epic Battles)

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The Officer is an Epic Battles role which focuses on directing and supporting the Rohirrim in battle.

You can issue orders to tell the defenders to heal, boost their damage, change their target priority or swap stances.

Officers also gain the ability to place a Banner that can aid nearby Engineers and Vanguards.

As you trait deeper the power of your commands increase and their cooldown decreases.


Any ally that features the text "Awaiting Orders", such as Rohirrim Commanders, features a special command UI that can be opened by using them. From there you can give the NPCs orders that change their behavior in battle and provide them short term bonuses. This includes telling them to heal, take out shields, prepare for siege fire, focus on defeating sappers first, or shaking off a corruption. The potency, cooldown, and variety of orders you are allowed to give can be upgraded, improved, and unlocked through the Promotions tab of the Epic Battles panel.


 Banner - Engineer - Rank 2

 Banner - Vanguard - Rank 2

 Mark Target - Unlocked by the trait  Target Priority Skill Cooldown


Starting Traits

 Haste Order Cooldown

 Heal Order Cooldown

Officer Rank 1

 Haste Order Strength

 Corruption Removal Order Cooldown

Officer Rank 2

 Banner Cooldown

 Target Priority Skill Cooldown - Unlocks the skill  Mark Target.

Officer Rank 3

 Arrow Volley Armour Order Strength

 Heal Order Strength

Officer Rank 4

 Engineer Banner Strength

 Vanguard Banner Strength

Officer Rank 5

 Damage Order Cooldown

 Armour Order Cooldown

Officer Rank 6

 Order Distance

 Banner Duration

Capstone Traits

 Damage Order Strength

 Siege Armour Order Strength

 Armour Order Strength