Epic Battle Rewards

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Rewards are based on the Medals achieved during the instance. There are four medals; Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. Higher medals offer better rewards. Most Epic Battles will have a main objective and several side objectives. Each objective completed will give a medal. Players will receive at least 2 medals per instance (2 pool of rewards) but can earn far more. Larger size Epic Battles have more objectives and reward more medals.

There are five rewards given for each Medal:

  • Epic Battle Promotion Points for first time Medals or when a higher level Medal is awarded for an objective already complete
  • Epic Battle Reward Points to fill the rewards bar for a Jewellery Reward
  •  Mark,  Medallion and  Star of Merit for bartering
  • Reward boxes (one for each objective you complete) that include more Jewellery, Marks, Medallions, Stars of Merit, Universal Solvent, Stat Tomes, Supreme Essence, Symbols for crafting Legendary Weapons, Steeds and many more items.

Fill the Reward Bars with Points

Main article: Merit
The Merit earned during an Epic Battles will fill the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum reward bars on the bottom of the Road to Battle and Battle History pages. This is tricky, earning a Bronze metal will fill the Bronze bar, earning a Silver metal will fill the Silver and Bronze bar, earning a Gold will fill three bars, etc. In addition, once each bar is full, you can either 'cash out' and receive a reward, or auto-transfer the points to a higher tier to save for a better piece of reward jewelry. Only Bronze to Silver and Silver to Gold points can be auto-transferred. It is not possible to auto-transfer Gold points to Platinum points. You can manually transfer, but only one point out of those twenty gets transferred over into the Platinum bar. The best way to fill the Platinum bar is by achieving Platinum metals. Achieving a Platinum Metal will transfer the points earned during the instance to the Platinum bar.


Jewellery is gained four different ways, (1) Jewellery is awarded each time you gain a Medal, (2) Jewellery is awarded when you cash-out your Reward bar, (3) Jewellery is found in Reward boxes (described in the section below) and (4) Jewellery is bartered for with the Quartermaster (Veterans of Helm's Deep) and Merit Committee (also described in a section below).

Rewards are granted at the level of the character; that is, they are scaled back to the level of the character even though the battles are scaled at level 100.

Bronze Rewards (Uncommon)

Silver Rewards (Rare)

Gold Rewards (Incomparable)

Retaking Pelargir Rewards (Incomparable and Epic)

Reward Boxes

Reward Boxes are earned by completing objectives during the instance. Competing objectives with a Bronze, Silver or Gold Medal will earn the same rewards box but completing objectives with a Platinum medal will earn a much better rewards box. Main and Side Objectives have different Reward boxes.

Reward boxes can have many items inside them including; Jewellery, Marks, Medallions,   Star of Merit , Universal Solvent, Stat Tomes, T7 Supreme Essence, Symbols for crafting Legendary Weapons, Steeds and many more items.

Medals Side quest Main quest
Battle for Helm's Deep Instances
Main quest
Retaking Pelargir
Main quest
Defence of Minas Tirith and Hammer of the Underworld
Gold, Silver and Bronze  Quartermaster's Reward  Gifts of Rohan  Gifts of Pelargir  Gifts of Minas Tirith
Platinum (Rewards Incomparable and Epic)  Quartermaster's Fine Armaments  Treasures of Rohan  Treasures of Pelargir  Treasures of Minas Tirith

Barter Rewards

Legendary Weapon Upgrades

Merit Committee (Battle Decorations (Standard Honors)) (Level 95 + 100) - Barter for hard-to-find upgrades with Stars of Merit

Legendary Weapon Upgrades
Item to Receive Items to Trade
 Essence Reclamation Scroll 150 Stars of Merit
 Anfalas Scroll of Empowerment (Bind on Acquire) 90 Stars of Merit
 Anfalas Star-lit Crystal (Bind on Acquire) 300 Stars of Merit

Class Set Jewellery (Incomparable)

Barters have special class Platinum Incomparable and Epic Jewellery sets which can provide powerful bonuses when worn along with other pieces of the set.
Quartermaster (Veterans of Helm's Deep) (Level 95) - Barter for Jewellery with Marks, Medallions
Merit Committee (Battle Decorations (Standard Honors)) (Level 95 + 100) - Barter for Jewellery with Stars of Merit

Class Set Jewellery (Epic)

Merit Committee (Battle Decorations (High Honors)) (Level 95 + 100) - Barter for Jewellery with Stars of Merit