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Epic Battles are not simply won or lost. There is value in preventing collateral damage, or sometimes in inflicting it.

A starting (iron) merit bar with 3 possible causes of Merit loss.

The Merit Bar indicates the grade (iron, bronze, silver, gold or platinum) you would earn if the quest were to end and how close you are to the next grade. Quests start with either full, partial or empty merit. The events that give positive merit are listed below your bar in green, with events giving negative merit listed in red. Your current objective completion percentage is listed next to the quest name and is multiplied by how much merit you have[1].

Promotion Points

Main article: Promotions
Better Metals earn more Promotion points used in a Role. Your highest lifetime medal on each quest is added up, with bronze counting for 1 point, silver for 2, gold for 3, and platinum for 4, for a maximum of 236 points. These can be spent on the Engineer, Officer or Vanguard traits to gain additional Epic Battle skills and bonuses.

Reward Points and Jewelry

Main article: Epic Battle Rewards
The Merit earned during an Epic Battles will fill the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum reward bars on the bottom of the Road to Battle and Battle History pages. This is tricky, earning a Bronze metal will fill the Bronze bar, earning a Silver metal will fill the Silver and Bronze bar, earning a Gold will fill three bars, etc. In addition, once each bar is full, you can either 'cash out' and receive a reward, or auto-transfer the points to a higher tier to save for a better piece of reward jewelry. Only Bronze to Silver and Silver to Gold points can be auto-transferred. It is not possible to auto-transfer Gold points to Platinum points. You can manually transfer, but only one point out of those twenty gets transferred over into the Platinum bar. The best way to fill the Platinum bar is by achieving Platinum metals. Achieving a Platinum Metal will transfer the points earned during the instance to the Platinum bar.