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The Promotions panel contains your options for advancing and customizing your character for the new gameplay and mechanics found within the Epic Battles. Completing objectives within Epic Battles earns you Promotion Points, based upon the level of the highest Lifetime Medal you have earned for each quest. The number of Promotion Points is determined by the highest award earned:

  • Bronze: one promotion point.
  • Silver: two promotion points.
  • Gold: three promotion points.
  • Platinum: four promotion points.

For example, if you completed a main/side quest during an Epic Battle and earned a Platinum award you would be granted four promotion points. If you ran a quest and earned a Silver the first time you would be given two points, and if you earned a Platinum on the same quest at a later date you would be granted two additional point, bringing the total earned for that quest to four.[1]

Each character starts with 4 free promotion points. An additional 396 points can be earned, which requires you to achieve a Platinum award on every quest across every instance size (Solo/Duo, Small Fellowship (3 man), Fellowship (6 man) and Raid (12 man)). Gaining Platinum on all Solo/Duo quests will earn you 176 Promotion Points, plus the 4 free ones brings you to 180. Upto 50 Promotion Points can be purchased in the Lotro Store.

As of Update 19.2, a maximum of 512 promotion points can be spent.

Earning awards also unlocks Epic Battle Rewards.

Promotion Points can be distributed across the Engineer, Officer, or Vanguard roles. Each affects and improves your ability to interact with different portions of the battlefield. The cost of improving each trait increases the further down the trait tree you progress.

Your character's Expertise Traits, shown on the left of the screen, are unlocked as you spend points in each tree. Unlocking Expertise Traits grants bonuses to your character and opens up additional Epic Battle skills.

You can save two different Trait trees; additional save configurations can be purchased with Mithril Coins.