Quest:Sweet Bilberry Tea

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Sweet Bilberry Tea
Level 4
Type Solo
Starts with Celandine Brandybuck
Starts at Archet
Start Region Archet Dale
Map Ref [25.0S, 48.8W]
Quest Group Introduction
Race(s) Hobbit, Man
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Amdir looks so changed since last night! I almost feel like he's naught but a shadow when I look at him, like he isn't really it makes me shiver!

'I saw Strider make a salve of kingsfoil for his wound, but my Gammer always used a different remedy when a young Brandybuck would get a nasty splinter -- sweet bilberry tea!

'I smelled bilberries by the water to the east of here as we passed in the night, which means they're in season. I would dearly like to make a tea for poor Amdir.'


Celandine Brandybuck believes that the medicinal qualities of bilberries will make a fine tea to stave off Amdir's apparent infection.

Objective 1

  • Collect bilberries for Celandine's medicinal tea (0/4)

Celandine smelled bilberries by water to the east of Archet as she passed through last night.

You should collect bilberries, for they make a sweet tea to stave off infection, or so the hobbits' lore will tell you.

Celandine Brandybuck: 'I hope my Gammer's tea will make Amdir feel a bit better. It always cheers me up when I am ill!'

Objective 2

  • Bring the bilberries to Celandine

Celandine Brandybuck awaits you in the centre of Archet.

You should bring Celandine the bilberries you collected, for she intends to make a sweet medicinal tea to help strengthen Amdir's will.

Celandine Brandybuck: 'Well done! You have found more than enough for a good strong tea. This is sure to cheer Amdir right up! Give me a moment, and I will steep the berries in some boiling water.'