Quest:Intro: Medicine of the Elves

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Intro: Medicine of the Elves
Level 5
Type Solo
Starts with Elrohir
Starts at Mirkstone Tunnels
Start Region Thorin's Gate
Map Ref [14.6S, 105.0W]
Quest Group Introduction (Dwarf/Elf)
Race(s) Dwarf, Elf
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I believe there may be hope for the sick dwarves, <name>. When poisons seep into the land, oftentimes the land will strive to heal itself, much as our own bodies will fight infection. If you explore inside the mountain, you might find just such an event.

I believe that medicinal plants will grow inside, and those will help to cure the dwarves. But the source of the poison itself is yet to be discovered...though I have my suspicions.

I feel a powerful chill when I stand near this entrance to the mountain. I will stand guard here while you explore the cave.


Elrohir has asked you to seek an herb within the caves of the Mirkstone Tunnels, as he believes the mountain will try in its own way to purge itself of the encroaching poisons.

Objective 1

It is possible that healing herbs may be found inside the cave behind Elrohir.

You should search the cave for herbs that grow to help to purge the poisons from the Mirkstone Tunnels.

Elrohir: 'I'll stand guard here, <name>. Go into the caves behind me and look for any wholesome-looking plants that grow.'

Objective 2

  • Examine the cave for what might be causing the blight of Ered Luin

There is surely a reason for the Dead to have encroached upon these parts, and this cave seems to be the source.

You should search the cave for the heart of the problems at Thorin's Gate.

A horrible feeling comes over you -- something approaches!
Evil Spirit says, "You cannot defeat us...."
Evil Spirit says, "Tonight the little dwarf-king shall walk again."
The fell spirit has evaporated, but the dread invoked by his word lingers....
Evil Spirit says, "But we are the ones who shall return to life!"

Objective 3

Elrohir is outside the Mirkstone Tunnels, guarding the entrance from the bloodthirsty Dourhands.

You should bring the herbs to Elrohir and tell him what you witnessed inside the caves.

Elrohir: 'Ah, you have collected pure herbs! You will be a hero to those dwarves, <name>. Tell me of what you saw in the cave while I mix a salve to help the sick.'