Vales of Anduin

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Area.png Vales of Anduin
Region: Vales of Anduin
Landmark(s): Grimbeorn’s Lodge
Levels: Mainly 1-2
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The Vales of Anduin is an area within northern Rhovanion, east of the Misty Mountains and the Carrock. All Beorning players begin their journey in these Vales at Grimbeorn’s Lodge.

On the western eaves of Mirkwood, along the banks of Anduin to the north of the Old Forest Road reside the Beornings, a rustic tribe of Woodmen. All Beornings hail from these woods and dales surrounding the Anduin, from the shores near the Carrock up to the High Pass through the Misty Mountains.


Grimbeorn's Lodge

The following landmarks are found within this area:


The Vales of Anduin are in Western Mirkwood. However, other than when creating a new Beorning character, access to the Vales of Anduin is only available to Beornings who have slotted the "Return to Grimbeorn's Lodge" trait.
Return Home (Beorning)-icon.png Return to Grimbeorn's Lodge
Departure is available via the:
"This hardy horse of Grimbeorn's will bring you to the town of Bree in Bree-lands."
(You are transported to outside the gate at South Bree.)
Alternately, any Milestone skill or other Travel skill can be used to return to those locations.


Present when creating a new Beorning only:

Grimbeorn.png Grimbeorn
Langhár.png Langhár
Ofolmóth.png Ofolmóth
Radagast.png Radagast
Sterkist.png Sterkist
Varthmath.png Varthmath

Present only on subsequent Return to Grimbeorn's Lodge visits:





The following creatures are found within this area:


This peaceful hidden valley, also known as Vale of the Great River, is the home of Grimbeorn and his kin, the Beornings. It lies to the east of the Carrock and the great river, the Anduin, and to the west of Mirkwood.

It is said that Hobbits trace their ancestry back to these vales. Men, said to have been descended from the Edain of the First Age, also made their home here originally. Over time, the area became crowded and a great shadow settled over the forest named Greenwood the Great as it slowly became the Mirkwood as it is known today.This contributed to the mass exodus of the folk who called these vales home. As the hobbits traveled west, the men traveled north leading to the vale becoming more and more dangerous over time.


Map of the Vales of Anduin


Another view of the meadows within the vales View of the Carrock from the vales The woods behind Grimbeorn's Lodge Beorning in the Vales of Anduin

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