The Wardspire

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The Wardspire
Region: Ered Luin
Area: Haudh Lin
Location: [17.8S, 90.1W]
The Wardspire.jpg


The Wardspire is a landmark within Haudh Lin in Ered Luin. [17.8S, 90.1W]

Marking the furthest, north-eastern tip of Ered Luin stands a ward-spire, high above river Lhûn and Kheledûl. Once this was a watchtower for the trading harbour for Elves as well as Dwarves carrying goods to the White Mountains.


The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this location:


The following creatures are found within this area:


This tower overlooking the Lhûn once guarded docks where ships would carry wood and wine from Edheliom to Mithlond. Now it has been abandoned to the wild. — Deed text