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Come one come all, ye adventurers, to share a time of fun and relaxation with dancing and drinking among other fine activities during these special events all around Middle-earth. These are times for celebration, not of war.

Official Events Schedule

SSG maintains a schedule of upcoming events on the forums.

Seasonal Activities

There are four main festivals throughout the year, one for every season. During the festivals, adventurers can enjoy many different activities; some are repeated every season, and some are specific of one type of festival.

LOTRO_Calendar (under construction)

Summer Festival

Harvest Festival

Yule Festival

Spring Festival

Events held every festival

Welcome Back Events

From time to time, Turbine introduces special "Welcome Back" weeks, weekends, or events, with temporary quest NPCs, free travel, or experience bonuses.

  • During the week of 17 - 21 Feburary 2011, players earned +10% experience on monster kills. No other special perks were included this time. See here for the official details.

Other Events

Many of these events are historical, others repeat on a random basis

See also

  • Dancing, a popular activity at festivals
Special Events

Spring FestivalLOTRO Anniversary CelebrationSummer Festival
Farmers FaireHarvest FestivalYule Festival
Recurring events: HobnanigansIll OmensTreasure Hunt
Annual events: Bilbo & Frodo's BirthdayThe Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariners
Past events: Bounder's BountyThe Lost Ring-lore of EregionThe Ranger's Offensive