Song-house of Lindalírë

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Song-house of Lindalírë
Type: Theatre
Region: Morgul Vale
Area: Minas Morgul
Location: [67.2S, 3.1E]

Song-house of Lindalírë

The Song-house of Lindalírë is a landmark within Minas Morgul, in the Morgul Vale. [67.2S, 3.1E]

Minstrels and poets flocked to Minas Ithil when Gondor was at its height, and the lamps were lit in the Song-house of Lindalírë long into the night. But the Night proved darker and more insidious, and with the coming of the With-king the theatre is host only to the Dead.

The old Song-house of the Circle of Skill, now the Circle of Sorrow, was once a great theatre in Minas Ithil, but now it holds bound spirits guarded by Gaunt-men overseen by the Cargûl Girithos.



These deeds can be advanced by visiting the Song-house.