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At a Relic-master, you can deconstruct Legendary Items or combine simple Relics into more advanced Relics.

Unlike normal items, Legendary Items don't become vendor trash when a replacement comes along. When the time comes to part ways with one of your Legendary Items, you can deconstruct it to generate Relics, heritage runes, and Legendary shards/fragments. A Relic-master will be able to assist you in recovering what you can. In order to deconstruct a Legendary Item it must be un-equipped and you will need to unlock it.

Once you have deconstructed a few Legendary Items, you can combine Settings, Gems or Runes to a higher tier. This is found under the Relic Forging tab. You should have a decent number of them to work with. Combining is very simple. Take up to five relics of the same tier (they don't all have to be settings/gems/runes; they can be a mix-n-match) and combine them. You should get one random relic of the next tier above. Occasionally you’ll have a critical success which provides you with shards or extra relics. Combining costs either money or shards.

If you are not satisfied with the result of your combining, you can meld relics into a relic of your choice of the same tier. This costs shards instead of money. Note that tier 10 relics cannot be combined (as there is no tier 11), but they can be melded. Moreover, there are several 'special' relics that cannot be acquired by combining, but only by melding multiple relics. You are also able to acquire legendary scrolls, stat legacies and legendary items by melding. These only require shards, not relics.

Shards are acquired by refining relics. This destroys the relic. The higher the tier of the relic, the more shards you receive. There is additionally a chance to receive shards when deconstructing Legendary Items. You have a higher chance when an item is of a higher level. There is also a higher chance of a larger amount of shards. You can also acquire shards as a result of a critical success while combining relics.

See Relics for prices and results of melding and refining, and for more information about relics.

Forge and Relic-master

In many areas of Middle-earth, especially in West Rohan, the duties of the Forge-master and Relic-master have been combined into one individual nameless NPC:

Their duties are referred to as:



Name Location Region
HumanM.png Relic-master Bree South Gate Bree-land
HumanF.png Forge and Relic-master Ethring Central Gondor
HumanF.png Forge and Relic-master Ost Anglebed Central Gondor
Ranger.png Relic-master Garsfeld Legendary Services (Garsfeld) East Rohan - Sutcrofts
Ranger.png Relic-master Snowbourn Tavern (Snowbourn) East Rohan - Sutcrofts
Ranger.png Nestadron Echad Dagoras Enedwaith
Ranger.png Baradír Harndirion Enedwaith
HumanM.png Eidiol Lhanuch Enedwaith
HobbitF.png Adsiltia Madcorf Maur Tulhau Enedwaith
Dwarf.png Bertel Thorin's Hall - The Forging Hall Ered Luin
ElfM.png Certherdir Echad Mirobel Eregion
ElfF.png Ingarthael Caras Galadhon Lothlórien
HumanF.png Quennel Echad Andestel Lothlórien
ElfM.png Isbenn Mekhem-bizru Lothlórien
ElfM.png Bregabed Amon Angened Mirkwood
ElfM.png Helheryn Estolad Mernael Mirkwood
ElfM.png Nindulus The Haunted Inn Mirkwood
ElfM.png Legindir Ost Galadh Mirkwood
ElfM.png Gelnir Thangúlhad Mirkwood
Dwarf.png Eilag The Chamber of the Crossroads Moria - Durin's Way
Dwarf.png Gimbul Jazargund Moria - Durin's Way
Dwarf.png Myndil Anazarmekhem Moria - The Flaming Deeps
Dwarf.png Númi The Shadowed Refuge Moria - Foundations of Stone
Dwarf.png Álfrath Dolven-view Moria - Great Delving
Dwarf.png Hugald The Orc-watch Moria - Redhorn Lodes
Dwarf.png Bingir Deep Descent Moria - The Silvertine Lodes
Dwarf.png Halgir The Rotting Cellar Moria - The Water-works
Dwarf.png Saxólf Twenty-first Hall Moria - Zelem-melek
ElfF.png Faillanc The Forges of Rivendell Trollshaws