Players' Tier

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Players' Tier
Type: City quarter
Region: Old Anórien
Area: Minas Tirith
Location: [66.4S, 18.4W]
The Players' Tier as you enter from the Lords' Gate


The Lords' Gate marks the entrance to the Players' Tier, the fourth of the seven Circles of Minas Tirith, in Old Anórien. [66.4S, 18.4W]
This tier is home to the many artists, bards and minstrels of the White City. Minstrels and actors frequent the Court of Voronwe and the Blue Theatre, and their wealthy patrons gather at the baths and guest-houses between performances. The entrance to the great cistern that feeds most of the city is also on this level, but you would be wise to leave it be. The footing can be treacherous, and the Waterstead has claimed more than a few careless lives.




Players' Tier locations from north end to south end clockwise:
Coordinates Directions / Description
[64.8S, 20.3W] Cisterns of Minas Tirith (Upper entrance)
[64.6S, 20.0W] Water-stead
[64.6S, 19.7W] Baths of Belecthor
[64.7S, 18.6W] The Cresting Wave
[65.7S, 18.2W] Players' Neath
[66.5S, 18.3W] Lords' Gate
[66.3S, 18.5W] Court of Voronwe
[66.6S, 18.7W] The Lone Beacon
[66.6S, 18.9W] Artists' Fellow-hall
[66.7S, 19.0W] Artists' Market
[66.6S, 19.3W] The High Guesthouse
[66.5S, 19.8W] The Blue Theatre




The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this location:


Supplies & Services

NPC Coords
GondorianM.png Tavern Keep [64.6S, 18.7W]
GondorianM.png Bard of Gondor [64.5S, 19.0W]
GondorianF.png Bard of Gondor [66.4S, 18.5W]
GondorianF.png Barber [64.5S, 19.6W]


NPC Function Coords
GondorianM.png Dúrbethir Quest [66.3S, 18.3W]
GondorianSoldier.png Idhir Quest [66.5S, 18.2W]
GondorianF.png Lenglír Quest [66.5S, 18.8W]
GondorianF.png Pethiril Quest [65.1S, 18.2W]
GondorianM.png Rathon Quest [64.7S, 19.9W]
GondorianM.png Suspicious Character Quest [66.6S, 19.0W]
GondorianF.png Noblewoman Quest [65.1S, 18.2W]