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Monster Play Races

As with the free peoples, there are 4 races available to the Armies of Angmar in Monster Play. There are far fewer options for class selection so races and classes are often combined and players are referred to by their class more so than by their race directly such as:

  • Orc Defiler
  • Orc Reaver
  • Spider Weaver
Weaver or Spider
  • Uruk Blackarrow
Blackarrow or BA
  • Uruk Warleader
Warleader or WL
  • Warg Stalker
Warg or Stalker

Each race has its own racial traits available, which are shared across the classes that can be played by that race.


The Orcs are a race invented by Tolkien, not present in earlier mythology. Since he created the race, and since he wanted little confusion in his children's story "The Hobbit" Tolkien translated the unknown "Orc" into the well known "goblin" of earlier mythos. The word "Orc" is a corruption of the Elvish word "Orch" (plural "Yrch"). Rumored to have originally been Elves taken and twisted by Sauron's ancient master, Morgoth, they have ever served the powers of evil in Arda.

Orc Racial Traits

There are 2 classes available to those that wish to play an Orc in Monster Play.

Orc Defiler

Monster Player Class: Orc Defiler
Orc Defiler
Defiler.jpg The Orc defiler has learned of plagues and venoms, and can put them to use restoring the forces of the Dark Lord or bring low the free people.

Hailing from lands filled with toxins and disease, the orc Defiler uses his knowledge of these virulent fungi and slime to aid his allies and hamper his enemies.
Combat Roles
Primary Role: Healing
Secondary Roles: Debuff
Crowd Control

Orc Reaver

Monster Player Class: Orc Reaver
Orc Reaver
Reaver.jpg Savage, brutal and deadly, the Reaver is at home on the field of battle - and few places else.

His swift attacks and ability to dual-wield weaponry make him a formidable foe. When pressed, the Reaver is capable of tapping the strength of his blood to become a frenzied warrior who rains blows on his enemy with frightening speed.
Combat Roles
Primary Role: Damage (Burst)
Secondary Roles: Damage (Sustained)


Excerpt from The Lorebook:[1]

These small eight-legged creatures, known for capturing their prey in intricate webs, were evidently as common in Middle-earth as they are today. Characters in The Lord of the Rings often refer to them descriptively, whether it be Gandalf discussing his capture by Saruman, Sam climbing ropes across the Silverlode, or Gollum clambering down a rock wall.

There was a more sinister side to the spiders of Middle-earth, though, that entered it with the monstrous Ungoliant in the years before the First Age. A gigantic creature of spider-shape, it was she who destroyed the Two Trees of Valinor, and escaped with Morgoth into the lands of Middle-earth. Though Ungoliant herself disappeared into the far south, she left the northern lands infested with her offspring. During the First Age, the mountains north of Beleriand were infested with these monsters, and became a place of dread.

Spider Racial Traits

Name Description PvMP Rank Price
Eight-legged Foe-icon.png Eight-legged Foe Increases your Run Speed and grants immunity to falling injuries. ? 1,000 Commendation 
Advanced Skill Born of Shadow-icon.png Racial Skill: Born of Shadow Grants skill Born of Shadow ? 1,000 Commendation 
Swallower of Light-icon.png Swallower of Light Increases your Tactical Mitigation and Stealth Level. 2 1,000 Commendation 
Ancient as the Stars-icon.png Ancient as the Stars Increases your Physical Mitigation and Critical Defence. 3 1,000 Commendation 
Advanced Skill Shelob's Gift-icon.png Racial Skill: Shelob's Gift Grants skill Shelob's Gift. 4 1,000 Commendation 
Enemies of the First Children-icon.png Enemies of the First Children Increases your Critical Rating and Physical Mastery. 4 1,000 Commendation 
Drinker of Blood-icon.png Drinker of Blood Increases your in-Combat Morale and Power regeneration. 5 1,000 Commendation 

The Spiders in Monster Play are the only race that are considered female.

There is only 1 class currently available for spiders:

Spider Weaver

Monster Player Class: Spider Weaver
Spider Weaver
Weaver.jpg Cunning, patient and fearsome, the Weaver's home is not within the heart of the battle, but rather at its edge, where she can best employ her strengths and shield her weaknesses.

With poison, clinging webs and the ability to burrow beneath the ground, the Weaver is a mistress of woe who skulks the fringes of battle.

Combat Roles
Primary Role: Crowd Control
Secondary Roles: Damage Over-time


Uruk is a term for the large soldiers more fully referred to as Uruk-hai which were the great soldier-Orcs that first appeared in the late Third Age; they were larger and stronger than their forebears, and could withstand the light of the Sun.[2]

Uruk Racial Traits

Name Description PvMP Rank Price
Advanced Skill Imposing Presence-icon.png Racial Skill: Imposing Presence Grants Imposing Presence skill. 1 (BA)
3 (WL)
1,000 Commendation 
New Breed-icon.png New Breed Increases your armour value, max Health and max Power. 1 1,000 Commendation 
Advanced Skill Get a Grip!-icon.png Racial Skill: Get a Grip! Grants Get a Grip! skill. 2 (BA)
4 (WL)
1,000 Commendation 
Leaders of the Orcs-icon.png Leaders of the Orcs Increases your Physical and Tactical Mastery. 2 1,000 Commendation 
Favoured Servant of the Dark-icon.png Favoured Servant of the Dark Increases your Physical and Tactical Mitigation. 3 1,000 Commendation 
Tireless Warrior-icon.png Tireless Warrior Increases your in-Combat Morale and Power Regeneration. 4 1,000 Commendation 
Brutal Persuasion-icon.png Brutal Persuasion Increases your Critical Rating. 5 1,000 Commendation 

There are 2 classes available to those who wish to play an Uruk in Monster Play:

Uruk Blackarrow

Monster Player Class: Uruk Blackarrow
Uruk Blackarrow
Blackarrow.jpg Accurate, vindictive and violent, the Blackarrow employs the bow against foes, striking from behind the front-line warriors of Angmar's army.

Employing fire and deadly gifts of shadow from Angmar, the Blackarrow is a potent foe who drives his arrows deep into his targets' midst.
Combat Roles
Primary Role: Ranged Damage
Secondary Roles: Ranged Damage (Over-time)
Crowd Control

Uruk Warleader

Monster Player Class: Uruk Warleader
Uruk Warleader
Warleader.jpg On the battlefield, the Warleader shines as a warrior on the front line and inspiration to his allies.

Through mocking, humiliation and force of will, the Warleader can inspire the meekest of troops to greatness. His fearsome howls augment his strong arm and shield to make his blows all the more deadly.
Combat Roles
Primary Role: Tank
Secondary Role: Rabble-rousing (Healing)


Excerpt from obsolete Turbine Lorebook in the section Lore on Wargs.

"The ferocious and intelligent race of wolves that lived in the northern Vales of Anduin, and probably elsewhere in the north of Middle-earth."

Warg Racial Traits

Name Description PvMP Rank Price
Four-legged Foe-icon.png Four-legged Foe Increases your run speed, stealthed movement speed, and Evade rating. 5 1,000 Commendation 
Advanced Skill Pack Hunters-icon.png Racial Skill: Pack Hunters Grants the skill Pack Hunters, which changes depending on your stance. 6 1,000 Commendation 
Pack Mentality-icon.png Pack Mentality Increases your Parry, Evade and Resistance ratings. 7 1,000 Commendation 
Pack Elder-icon.png Pack Elder Increases your Physical Mitigation. 8 1,000 Commendation 
Advanced Skill Howl of Unnerving-icon.png Racial Skill: Howl of Unnerving Grants the skill Howl of Unnerving 9 1,000 Commendation 
Foe of the Light-icon.png Foe of the Light Increases your Tactical Mitigation and Stealth Level. 10 1,000 Commendation 
Pack Alpha-icon.png Pack Alpha Increases your Physical Mastery, and Critical and Finesse ratings. 11 1,000 Commendation 

Warg Stalker

There is only 1 class that can be played by those who wish to be a Warg in Monster Play.

Monster Player Class: Warg Stalker
Warg Stalker
Stalker.jpg At home in a pack or stalking the woods silent and stealthy, the Stalker strikes suddenly and does not offer escape to his foe.

Strong jaws, hardened claws and fierce determination drive the Stalker, making him on of the most feared opponents in battle.
Combat Roles
Primary Role: Stealth/Scout
Secondary Roles: Damage (Burst)
Limited Crowd Control


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