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Middle-earth: Starter Area, Lands, Regions, Areas, Settlements, Landmarks, Maps

Middle-earth is a large continent, a mass of land that occupies the central regions of Arda. The world of Arda was created by J. R. R. Tolkien where the stories of both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings take place and where we adventure within the game of Lord of the Rings Online.

Middle-earth map.jpg

Starter Areas

Each race has their own special Starter Area where they begin their journey. Before this happens, all Characters must complete Introduction Quests which teach them how to interact with the world around them and what they can expect from their characters abilities. Elf and Dwarf characters are introduced to Thorin's Gate while Hobbits and Men begin in Archet. After completing these quests each race then arrives to their own starter areas:

Once here characters begin the true adventure of completing the Prologue Quests and other Quests, defeating hostile Creatures in the area, and exploring their surroundings. Whatever players decide to do it is always wise to bring along friends to journey with.

Political Geography

Political Geography is a fancy name for what most players refer to as Locations on the Middle-earth Map (as seen at the top of the article).

Locations are subdivided for ease of navigation:

  • Locations viewed on either the third or fourth layer of the Middle-earth map; found on a region or area map (these are named places that may or may not have their own map) -- (all Places)
  • Examples: Rivendell, Isengard, Edoras, Minas Tirith

Maps are available to aid players navigating the landscapes of Middle-earth. The default key to display the map in-game is M. Maps can be customized via drop-down menus to show various services such as stable-masters, milestones and vendors as well as landmarks. Players can learn the exact coordinates of these items by moving the mouse over the icon on the map. The coordinates are displayed with a number for North/South and East/West. Coordinates are displayed a similar format throughout this wiki using the Tooltip Coords template.

For more detail, see Locations


Throughout Middle-earth you will find many different types of enemies, ranging the gamut from humans to creatures and even monsters.

A full listing of creatures organized by area can be found at the Creature locations page.

For more detail, see Creatures


For those who adventure and live within the world of Lord of the Rings Online, Quests are an essential part of leveling as well as what keeps us interested. The Epic story-line follows the "fellowship" throughout the story and in our own special way help behind the scenes. This aspect is what makes this game unique to those who love the Lord of the Rings.

For more detail, see Quests


An Instance is a separate copy of a building's interior, a dungeon, or some piece of the game's landscape. Instances are created when certain quests are activated or players pass through an instance portal, and allow an individual, Fellowship or Raid to participate in a private adventure. Generally, instances can only be entered by the individual or group that triggered them, and no outside help can be rendered to those within an instance by other adventurers.

For more details, see Instances


"Middle-earth" is a literal translation of the Old English term Middangeard, referring to this world, the habitable lands of men. Tolkien translated "Middle-earth" as Endor (or sometimes Endóre) and Ennor in the Elvish languages Quenya and Sindarin, respectively. The north of Endor became the Eurasian land-mass after the primitive Earth was transformed into the round world of today. (Source: lotr.wikia.com)


For more detail, see Lore


Lands of Middle-earth