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Welcome to Project:NPCs, which concerns all NPCs found within LOTRO.


For guidelines and help, see Boilerplate:NPC. For NPCs, also combat-NPCs, see and use Npcbox. A few things to keep in mind:

  • As NPC counts as an in-game character that is not solely meant to be defeated (a creature or MOB). A character that players may interact with and that later must be defeated is an NPC.
  • Coordinates for patrolling/roaming NPCs should be located around the middle of their patrol path. Mention their patrolling/roaming in the description.
  • Article names should always be spelled exactly as it is shown in-game. For NPCs with special characters, see Help:Names.
  • In the case of two different NPCs with the same name, create an article that includes (in braces) a distinguishing factor such as location or profession, in upper case, e.g. "Wiki (Informant)".
  • In the case of a specific NPC who is available at several locations, structure one (1) article so it covers the different locations properly, with a generic description and table-of-content topmost. Provide a unique image per location named such as "Halbarad (Esteldín)". See Halbarad for a good example.


All articles found in the NPC category tree.



  • Our goal is to have an article for every NPC, and we will be working by cities and regions.


Work In Progress

Note: On 27 June 2008 Template:Npcbox was updated to replace "location" with area, settlement, interior and dungeon. A variable for map was also added. New NPC pages should use the new format. Old pages will need to be updated.

Things To Do

  • Someone will likely need to finish The Shire since Deyvid probably won't be back.
  • All areas will need to be reviewed for all the new NPCs that have been added with updates and patches.
  • Checking prices of stable-masters, taken into account the travel discount many of us have due to Writ of Passage.

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