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Settlement.png Kuru-leiri
Region: Forochel
Area: Talvi-mûri
Location: [19.5N, 83.8W]


Kuru-leiri is a settlement located within the area of Talvi-mûri in Forochel. [19.5N, 83.8W]

Far to the north-west is this hunting camp located at the slopes of the west-most mountain ridges of Forochel. Its name means "Canyon Camp" in Finnish. Kuru-leiri lies quite centrally of this area, between the towering mountain ridges and the fjord-like shore of the Ice Bay of Forochel. However, the fell wildlife is prowling just outside the border markers, ambushing anybody who dares leaving the warming fires. Thus their supplies are dwindling, but as sturdy Lossoth hunters and fishermen they welcome visitors and suggest some quests.

For being such a small hunting camp, Kuru-leiri provides visitors with decent services. It houses a Stable-master, Milestone, and a Camp Site Fire, as well as a Healer, Supplier & Provisioner, and a Hunter Trainer who, curiously, has lost his Fellowship—how now a hunter can lose track? While this camp lies north of Zigilgund, it has no travelling connections with Zigilgund nor the southern areas but rather one swift travel route to and from Sûri-kylä.


Destination Region Cost Prerequisites
Sûri-kylä (Swift) Forochel 25 Silver  Min. Level: 40
Completed quest:
The Frozen War




Supplies & Services

NPC Function Coords
LossothM.png Jaska Supplier & Provisioner [19.4N, 83.8W]
LossothM.png Kauppi Healer [19.4N, 83.8W]
LossothF.png Kirsikka Stable-master [19.5N, 83.7W]
HumanM.png Thurmaer Hunter Trainer - Quest [19.4N, 83.8W]


NPC Function Coords
LossothM.png Arre Quest [19.6N, 83.8W]
LossothM.png Guard Free Peoples
LossothF.png Lossoth

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