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Type: Ruins
Region: The Lone-lands
Area: The Weather Hills
Location: [28.8S, 39.2W]


Gondrinn is a landmark within the Weather Hills in the Lone-lands. [28.8S, 39.2W]

These ancient ruins lies right by the old road through the Weather Hills from Bree-land to the Lone-lands, east of the Weatherway. It lies above the ford from where the path leads to Candaith's Encampment to the south.

Gondrinn is Sindarin for "Stone Circle", a becoming name. It was once a temple on the northerns border of the swift river running through the Midgewater Pass. Long since abandoned by men, it has fallen into ruin, and is now occupied by crebain, orcs, and wargs.


The following creatures are found within this area:

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