Gath Daeroval, the Shadow-roost

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This page is about the location. For the instance, see Gath Daeroval.

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Gath Daeroval, the Shadow-roost
Type: Lair
Region: Minas Morgul
Location: [67.8S, 2.5E]

Gath Daeroval is a landmark within Minas Morgul, in the Morgul Vale. [67.8S, 2.5E]

The Shadow-roost of Gath Daeroval is home to Khatlob, the great brood-mother who birthed the vile flying mounts used by the Nazgûl in pursuit of the aims of Sauron.

Home to Khatlob, her brood, and her guardian and jailor Kúrthak the Rent, the Shadow-roost is home and hatching-grounds to the fellbeasts used most infamously by the Nazgûl at the close of the War of the Ring.



These deeds can be advanced by visiting Gath Daeroval.