Epic Battle: Helm's Dike

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Helm's Dike
Level: 10 or higher
Size: Solo/Duo, Fellowship(6)
Cluster: Battle for Helm's Deep
Region: West Rohan
Area: Helm's Deep
Helms dike promotional.jpg

Helm's Dike is an Epic Battle introduced in Update 12: Helm's Deep. It can be run Solo/Duo or in a Fellowship by characters Level 10 and higher, and must be completed on Solo/Duo mode before other Epic Battles can be attempted.

All players are "Level Scaled" to level 120. Equipment is also scaled and Virtues are scaled to at least level 14.


Helm's Dike is an ancient earthen wall and trench which stretched across the entrance to the Deeping-coomb, a quarter mile ('two furlongs') before the Hornburg, with the twenty foot tall rampart serving as the first line of defence for Helm's Deep. On 3 March TA Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli together with King Théoden, Éomer and a band of Rohirrim Riders crossed the dike on their way to the Hornburg. Defence of the trench was led by Gamling, who managed to retreat after the dike was overrun during the early stages of the Battle of the Hornburg.[1][2][3][4]


All quests, including the main objective, can only be completed once per day.



Quest Text


Helm's Dike forms the first barrier of defence for Rohan's final stand. Saruman's army marches, angry and ready for war.

Objective 1

  • Speaking to Gamling when you are ready to begin
  • Gamling must survive

Objective 2

  • Defend the Dike and buy the primary defence time
  • Gamling must survive

The defenders of the Hornburg are busy preparing for the onslaught that will soon begin. Those left at the Dike must buy them as much time as possible.

Merit Rating

This quest starts with Full Rating Merit.



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