Emyn Hoedh

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Emyn Hoedh
Type: Tombs
Region: Ered Luin
Area: Haudh Lin
Location: [18.0S, 93.0W]
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Emyn Hoedh is a landmark within Haudh Lin in Ered Luin. [18.0S, 93.0W]

These hills are located in the northern region of Haudh Lin. Emyn Hoedh is Sindarin for "Tomb Hills" and yet today the stones over honourable heroes bear witness of ancient times. However, something has disturbed the peace and this is now haunted lands.


Ruins within Emyn Hoedh




One of many groupings of stones marking a burial site Inside the ruins in Emyn Hoedh A monument perhaps marking a more prestigious burial ground

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