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Elderslade is a region found within the land of Rhovanion.

Elderslade Locations

There are two maps of the area: The first is mainly solo difficulty, and named Elderslade; the second is named The War of Three Peaks and is mainly duo, small fellowship, or fellowship difficulty. The War map depicts events that happen later in time than the Elderslade map.

Traveling between the two maps:

Stable master at Annak-khurfu [32.7N, 60.9W], select "The War of Three Peaks"
  • Returning to Elderslade:
Stable master at [100.8S, 17.3W], select "Annak-khurfu"
Blazon of the Gabil'akka (inside next to Agatur the Boastful), click it

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Connected Locations

Quest-icon.png Elderslade Quests

For more detail, see Elderslade Quests
Elderslade Quests(5 C, 89 P)

Elderslade Deeds

For more detail, see Elderslade Deeds
Elderslade Deeds(5 C, 4 P)

Explorer-title-icon.png Elderslade Titles

For all titles obtainable for this region, see Elderslade Titles
Elderslade Titles(2 C, 11 P)

Elderslade Reputations

Elderslade Creatures


Crafting Tier(s):

Minas Ithil (T13): Langflood Skarn Deposit, Langflood Branches, Item:Minas Ithil Hide, Ithil Artifact Chest

Crafting Location(s):

  • < NAME > (T#): [[ < AREA 1 > ]], [[ < AREA 2 > ]]
  • < NAME > (T#): [[ < AREA 1 > ]], [[ < AREA 2 > ]], .... [[ < AREA 4 > ]]
[[ < AREA 5 > ]], ....

Crafting Facilities: [[File: < NAME OF CRAFTING PLACE > .jpg|thumb|right| < NAME OF CRAFTING PLACE > ]]

All crafting areas contain facilities for all Professions except Farming.
All facilities qualify as both "standard" and "superior".
  • Inside < SETTLEMENT TYPE > of [[ < SETTLEMENT > ]]: [[ < CRAFTING HALL / LANDMARK / ETC > ]]
  • Areas in Elderslade: [[ < AREA > ]],



Map during the War
The War of Three Peaks


Settlements, Areas and Landmarks of Elderslade
Areas: EldersladeThe War of Three Peaks
Settlements: Elderslade: Annâk-khurfuDrenghólZudramdân
The War of Three Peaks: Zarkul-sulûn
Landmarks: Elderslade: Caivád SârDûn TraikhGrálinvarthGrytholmHanksar-mokhHárveg BridgeHowlers' NotchKhadâsh-gâraKlórgrenKulûg-mokhMalkorlashNathbólShakal-atrâdTûr ÁgalWyrmsgrafZarkul-sulûn

The War of Three Peaks: Azgh-buzruBagûd-mekhemCaivád SârDrenghólHowlers' NotchIfbar-athrâkhShakal-atrâdTûr ÁgalUshkútozZudramdân

Interiors: Keep of Annâk-khurfu
Instances: ShakalushAmdân Dammul
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