Dol Ringwest

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Dol Ringwest
Type: Ruins
Region: Ered Luin
Area: Falathlorn
Location: [24.9S, 95.0W]
Dol Ringwest.jpg


Dol Ringwest is a landmark within Falathlorn in Ered Luin. [24.9S, 95.0W]

Climbing the mountain ridge of the eastern Falathlorn this was once a place of great beauty, home to many elves. Now it is a decayed and broken ruin, home to many goblins. Its name is Sindarin for "Hill of Cold Breath".


The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this location:




The following creatures are found within this area:


Dol Ringwest was once a place of great beauty, home to many Elves. Now it is a decayed and broken ruin. — Deed text


Inside the ruins of Dol Ringwest Durglup's camp in Dol Ringwest

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