Dog (Cosmetic)

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Cosmetic Pet Index

A list of Dog cosmetic pets available and how to obtain them.

Item Skill Acquired from Barter Cost
Farmer Maggot's Dog-icon.png Tome of Farmer Maggot's Dog Farmer Maggot's Dog The Anniversary Scavenger Hunt -- Year One
Faroth-icon.png Tome of Faroth Faroth A New Friend (Faroth)
Helpful Hound-icon.png Tome of the Helpful Hound Helpful Hound Host of the West Barter (Kindred) 40Salt (Wastes)-icon.png Salt 10Provisions (Wastes)-icon.png Provisions
Tamed Variag Hound-icon.png Tome of the Tamed Variag Hound Tamed Variag Hound Throne of the Dread Terror T2
Well-supplied Hound-icon.png Tome of the Well-supplied Hound Well-supplied Hound Host of the West Barter (Kindred) 40Salt (Wastes)-icon.png Salt 10Provisions (Wastes)-icon.png Provisions


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