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Area.png Bonevales
Region: Dunland
Landmark(s): The Bone Quarry
Echad Naeglanc
Lhan Bach
Lhan Gogledh
Settlement(s): Echad Naeglanc


The Bonevales [74.4S, 16.5W] is the first area in Dunland one encounters when following the Royal Road south from Enedwaith. If you are joining the Ranger Prestadír, you will meet him here with Bledhun [74.4S, 16.6W], before journeying further south to the Ranger camp at Echad Naeglanc.

After completing quests in the Bonevales, you can proceed to Trum Dreng and complete quests there or head to Galtrev and meet with Halbarad.


Quest Involvement

  • See Dunland Quests - A list of all Dunland quests in play-through order.


List of NPCs that are found within this area:


Map of Dunland Topographic map of Dunland

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