Barad Arthir (Instance)

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This page is about the quest instance. For the White Company outpost, see Barad Arthir, the Lofty Watch-fort
Barad Arthir, the Lofty Watch-fort
Level: 128
Size: Solo
Cluster: Morgul Vale
Region: Morgul Vale
Area: Minas Morgul
Location: [67.1S, 1.1E]

Barad Arthir, the Lofty Watch-fort

Barad Arthir is a landmark within Minas Morgul, in the Morgul Vale. [67.1S, 1.1E]

The Circle of Mirth above which stood Barad Arthir has become the Circle of Despair, haunted by spirits and a place of great danger for Faramir's White Company, which seeks to restore the city. The White Company is about to capture it to move further intoMinas Morgul.

Barad Arthir connects the Circle of Madness with the Circle of Despair. The lower entrance to the tower[67.1S, 1.1E] sits in the Circle of Madness while the upper entrance[67.5S, 1.2E] opens into the Circle of Despair, where there is usually at least one hostile creature waiting.