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Image of Angbor
Title The Fearless
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Central Gondor
Area Lebennin
Settlement Camp of the Grey Host
Location Camp of the Grey Host
Map Ref [82.6S, 37.5W]


Angbor (Sindarin for Iron-fist) is the lord of Lamedon, one of the fiefdoms of Gondor. Unlike the rulers of the surrounding fiefdoms (Duinhir and Imrahil), he did not heed Steward Denethor's calling for aid, because Imrahil commanded him to defend the southern fiefdoms against the invasion of the Corsairs of Umbar. Angbor then left his son Drambor in charge of his castle,Calembel, and led his warriors to the defence of the city of Linhir, until Aragorn and the Grey Company arrived. He then rallied the men of western and central Gondor to accompany Aragorn to Pelargir and from there to Minas Tirith. While Aragorn and the Grey Company travel by boat to Harlond and then Pelennor, Angbor and his host of four thousand march on the road through Eastern Gondor, passing through Upper Lebennin and Lossarnach.

Quest Involvement

Other locations

He is also found outside the city [78.5S, 26.4W] during some quests.