Update 5.2 - February 13, 2012

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Release Notes


  • Lockbox keys have had their drop rates significantly increased.
  • Lock boxes should now:
    • Drop better items more often, including the mount, relic removal scrolls, previously store exclusive morale and power pots, legacy upgrade scrolls, Legendary Item XP and lock box only weapons.
    • Drop a lock box key ~10% of the time.
    • Have a better chance to drop more than one item.
    • No longer drop items from the previously lowest tiers.
    • Drop more frequently.



  • Clever Retort and Confound will now function when a Burglar has the "Mischief gives an ICPR bonus" set bonus active.

Monster Play

  • Alterations made to Creep mitigation formulas have been reverted to their original state. All Creep mitigations ratings and percentages have been returned to their original values.

Raids, Instances, and Skirmishes

Tower of Orthanc

  • The adds in the acid boss fight will correctly clear on repeated attempts


  • Made an adjustment to his phase 3 AI to reduce braindeadedness.



  • Fixed a condition where a deed that does not have rewards would sometimes tell you that it rewarded experience.


  • Lowered the cooldowns on the craft guild recipes by 6 hours. Note: if you already have a cooldown active, the cooldown will have to expire before the new one can be applied.
  • The following recipes are now auto-granted and have had the reputation restriction removed:
  • Added an ""Improved Finished Leather"" recipe to the Rohirrim Quartermaster that requires Friend standing with Theodred's Riders.
  • Changed some of the required ingredients for the Tier 7 Scholar's Guild Research recipes to make them more consistent with the non-guild ones. Changed the cooldown duration on the Scroll of Insight to 1 day and increased the output amount for all three recipes from x3 to x5. While it may seem that the ingredients in a couple of the recipes have gone up, because you can now make 5 items, the overall cost should be less.
  • For the Tier 7 Cook's Guild, increased the output amount on the Ingredient recipes from x3 to x5.
  • For Tier 7 Farming, increased the output amounts on the Bundle of Black Barley, Bunch of Bilberries, Bunch of Leeks and Bag of Coffee Beans from 1 to 2 on the small crop and from 5 to 10 on the large. If a crit happens, the small crops will produce 4 items and the large crop will produce 24.

Festivals and Events


  • Corrected a number of tooltips, typos, and min levels on various store items.

Source: Update 5.2, Official