Tham Aeldés

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Tham Aeldés
Type: Lookout
Region: Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands
Area: Eryn Lasgalen
Location: [20.7N, 35.3W]
Tham Aeldés


Tham Aeldés is a landmark within Eryn Lasgalen in Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands. [20.7N, 35.3W].
 Situated on a sun-lit promontory, high about the surrounding forest to its south, and overlooking the southward flowing Forest River, Tham Aeldés, stands North East of Felegoth and offers spectacular views of the river and surrounding areas.
As you enter, a path immediately to the right of the outside stairs of Felegoth will lead you up the hill to this vantage point.


The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this location: