Quest:Dolmund Has Vanished

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Dolmund Has Vanished
Level 75
Type Small Fellowship
Starts with Armund
Starts at Old Sawmill
Start Region Great River
Map Ref [29.0S, 69.7W]
Ends with Dolmund
Ends at Old Sawmill
End Region Great River
Map Ref [29.0S, 69.7W]
Quest Group Limlight Gorge
Quest Text

'My brother Dolmund headed west some hours ago. He said he was going to head up-river towards the falls at the head of the Gorge, looking to cut away any debris that might foul the sawmill's wheel once we get it up and running.

'The trouble is, I have not heard from him seems that even my own fool of a brother cannot be trusted on his own!'


Dolmund, Armund's brother, headed west from the sawmill to examine the falls and cut away any debris that might foul the sawmill's wheel, but he has not come back.

Objective 1

You should find Armund's brother Dolmund and help him get back to the mill.

Armund said that Dolmund headed west to clear debris from upriver to keep it from fouling the sawmill's wheel.

Dolmund says, "Whew, almost lost my beard that time!"

Objective 2

  • Talk to Dolmund

You should speak with Dolmund at the Limlight Gorge sawmill.

Dolmund: 'Can you believe this fool brother of mine, <name>? Stubborn as a stump and about half as bright, I would wager! We are trying to get this mess sorted out and keep our hides intact, and all he can go on about is this confounded sawmill!
'I prefer my trees not be stomping around before I try to chop them, but he just will not hear a word anyone has been saying...
'You need to help us talk some sense into him, <name>, before something terrible happens!'