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Once upon a time in a faraway land there were special mobs that would drop rare trophies for single-use recipes. Though this has changed quite a bit from how it was to how it is, we would like to keep this page up for those people who may still have these recipes.

There are two different tables, one shows the profession / recipe information and the other shows mob information.

Note: These recipes are no longer dropped and are outdated. For current recipes please visit the Master Recipe Index page.

Special Crafting Recipes

Rare Item Recipe
Journeyman Jeweller
 Blackclaw's Claw Engraved Bloodstone Ring Recipe
 Sawtooth's Tooth Engraved Opal Necklace Recipe
Expert Jeweller
 Darkheart's Black Heart Engraved Ruby Ring Recipe
 Silverclaw's Claw Engraved Sapphire Necklace Recipe
Artisan Jeweller
 Driftmane's Fang Engraved Adamant Necklace Recipe
 Windscreamer's Claw Engraved Adamant Ring Recipe
Master Jeweller
 Gnashmaw's Tongue Engraved Beryl Ring Recipe
 Sagrurz's Tooth Engraved Beryl Necklace Recipe
Rare Item Recipe
Journeyman Metalsmith
 Sawtooth's Tooth Forged-Crafted Armour Recipe
 Tuft of Ironhide's Fur Forged-Crafted Boots Recipe
 Blackclaw's Claw Forged-Crafted Gloves Recipe
 Eitor-kalsak's Mandible Forged-Crafted Helm Recipe
 Sawtooth's Tooth Forged-Crafted Leggings Recipe
 Wildthorn's Bark Forged-Crafted Shoulder Guards Recipe
 Asht's Tooth Light Forged-Crafted Kite Shield Recipe
 Asht's Tooth Heavy Forged-Crafted Kite Shield Recipe
Expert Metalsmith
 Grish's Tail Strong Defender's Armour Recipe
 Green Moss Strong Defender's Boots Recipe
 Kraur's Paw Strong Defender's Gloves Recipe
 Skulkmire's Moss Strong Defender's Helm Recipe
 Grish's Tail Strong Defender's Leggings Recipe
 Khurshat's Tooth Strong Defender's Shoulder Guards Recipe
Artisan Metalsmith
 Driftmane's Fang Strong Westernesse Armour Recipe
 Windscreamer's Claw Strong Westernesse Boots Recipe
 Steelmaw's Paw Strong Westernesse Gloves Recipe
 Umling's Mandible Strong Westernesse Helm Recipe
 Driftmane's Fang Strong Westernesse Leggings Recipe
 Khurshat's Tooth Strong Westernesse Shoulder Guards Recipe
Master Metalsmith
 Swale-singer's Mandible Ancient Steel Cooking Supplies Recipe
 Skybreaker's Scale Ancient Steel Farming Tools Recipe
 Skybreaker's Scale Ancient Steel Forester's Axe Recipe
 Snowback's Claw Ancient Steel Jeweller's Tools Recipe
 Hoartusk's Horn Ancient Steel Prospector's Tools Recipe
 Gnashmaw's Tongue Ancient Steel Scholar's Glass Recipe
 Skybreaker's Scale Ancient Steel Smithing Hammer Recipe
 Achathling's Mandible Ancient Steel Tailor's Tools Recipe
 Snowback's Claw Ancient Steel Woodworking Tools Recipe
Rare Item Recipe
Journeyman Tailor
 Sawtooth's Tooth Loose Linen Armour Recipe
 Tuft of Ironhide's Fur Loose Linen Cloak Recipe
 Blackclaw's Claw Loose Linen Gloves Recipe
 Tuft of Ironhide's Fur Loose Linen Hood Recipe
 Wildthorn's Bark Loose Linen Leggings Recipe
 Sawtooth's Tooth Loose Linen Robe Recipe
 Tuft of Ironhide's Fur Loose Linen Shoes Recipe
 Gloom-gaze's Fang Loose Linen Shoulder Guards Recipe
 Sawtooth's Tooth Superb Leather Armour Recipe
 Tuft of Ironhide's Fur Superb Leather Boots Recipe
 Blackclaw's Claw Superb Leather Gloves Recipe
 Tuft of Ironhide's Fur Superb Leather Helm Recipe
 Wildthorn's Bark Superb Leather Leggings Recipe
 Gloom-gaze's Fang Superb Leather Shoulder Guards Recipe
Expert Tailor
 Grish's Tail Superb Traveller's Armour Recipe
 Kraur's Paw Superb Traveller's Gloves Recipe
 Grish's Tail Superb Traveller's Hat Recipe
 Grish's Tail Superb Traveller's Leggings Recipe
 Silverclaw's Claw Superb Traveller's Shoes Recipe
 Green Moss Superb Traveller's Shoulder Guards Recipe
 Grish's Tail Superb Outriders' Armour Recipe
 Silverclaw's Claw Superb Outriders' Boots Recipe
 Kraur's Paw Superb Outriders' Gloves Recipe
 Grish's Tail Superb Outriders' Helm Recipe
 Grish's Tail Superb Outriders' Leggings Recipe
 Green Moss Superb Outriders' Shoulder Guards Recipe
Artisan Tailor
 Driftmane's Fang Superb Scholar's Armour Recipe
 Steelmaw's Paw Superb Scholar's Gloves Recipe
 Karnasht's Tooth Superb Scholar's Hat Recipe
 Driftmane's Fang Superb Scholar's Leggings Recipe
 Windscreamer's Claw Superb Scholar's Shoes Recipe
 Karnasht's Tooth Superb Scholar's Shoulder Guards Recipe
 Driftmane's Fang Superb Hunter's Armour Recipe
 Windscreamer's Claw Superb Hunter's Boots Recipe
 Steelmaw's Paw Superb Hunter's Gloves Recipe
 Karnasht's Tooth Superb Hunter's Helm Recipe
 Driftmane's Fang Superb Hunter's Leggings Recipe
 Karnasht's Tooth Superb Hunter's Shoulder Guards Recipe
Master Tailor
 Colnor's Scale Superb Radiant Armour Recipe
 Hoartusk's Horn Superb Radiant Cloak Recipe
 Snowback's Claw Superb Radiant Gloves Recipe
 Hoartusk's Horn Superb Radiant Hat Recipe
 Colnor's Scale Superb Radiant Leggings Recipe
 Colnor's Scale Superb Radiant Robe Recipe
 Sagrurz's Tooth Superb Radiant Shoes Recipe
 Achathling's Mandible Superb Radiant Shoulder Guards Recipe
 Colnor's Scale Superb Protector's Armour Recipe
 Sagrurz's Tooth Superb Protector's Boots Recipe
 Snowback's Claw Superb Protector's Gloves Recipe
 Hoartusk's Horn Superb Protector's Helm Recipe
 Colnor's Scale Superb Protector's Leggings Recipe
 Achathling's Mandible Superb Protector's Shoulder Guards Recipe
Rare Item Recipe
Journeyman Weaponsmith
 Eitor-kalsak's Mandible Forged Steel Axe Recipe
 Blackclaw's Claw Forged Steel Dagger Recipe
 Asht's Tooth Forged Steel Greatsword Recipe
 Wildthorn's Bark Forged Steel Halberd Recipe
 Asht's Tooth Forged Steel Headsman's Axe Recipe
 Wildthorn's Bark Forged Steel Mace Recipe
 Sawtooth's Tooth Forged Steel Sword Recipe
Expert Weaponsmith
 Skulkmire's Moss Polished Gondorian Axe Recipe
 Khurshat's Tooth Polished Gondorian Dagger Recipe
 Silverclaw's Claw Polished Gondorian Greatsword Recipe
 Darkheart's Black Heart Polished Gondorian Halberd Recipe
 Silverclaw's Claw Polished Gondorian Headman's Axe Recipe
 Grish's Tail Polished Gondorian Mace Recipe
 Grish's Tail Polished Gondorian Sword Recipe
Artisan Weaponsmith
 Steelmaw's Paw Polished Westernesse Axe Recipe
 Windscreamer's Claw Polished Westernesse Dagger Recipe
 Driftmane's Fang Polished Westernesse Greatsword Recipe
 Karnasht's Tooth Polished Westernesse Halberd Recipe
 Driftmane's Fang Polished Westernesse Headman's Axe Recipe
 Karnasht's Tooth Polished Westernesse Mace Recipe
 Karnasht's Tooth Polished Westernesse Sword Recipe
Master Weaponsmith
 Snowback's Claw Polished Ancient Steel Axe Recipe
 Sagrurz's Tooth Polished Ancient Steel Dagger Recipe
 Colnor's Scale Polished Ancient Steel Greatsword Recipe
 Gnashmaw's Tongue Polished Ancient Steel Halberd Recipe
 Colnor's Scale Polished Ancient Steel Headman's Axe Recipe
 Skybreaker's Scale Polished Ancient Steel Mace Recipe
 Hoartusk's Horn Polished Ancient Steel Sword Recipe
Rare Item Recipe
Journeyman Woodworker
 Wildthorn's Bark Smooth Ash Bow Recipe
 Wildthorn's Bark Smooth Ash Crossbow Recipe
 Sawtooth's Tooth Smooth Ash Hammer Recipe
 Blackclaw's Claw Smooth Ash Spear Recipe
 Wildthorn's Bark Smooth Ash Staff Recipe
Expert Woodworker
 Darkheart's Black Heart Carved Yew Bow Recipe
 Darkheart's Black Heart Carved Yew Crossbow Recipe
 Silverclaw's Claw Carved Yew Hammer Recipe
 Khurshat's Tooth Carved Yew Spear Recipe
 Darkheart's Black Heart Carved Yew Staff Recipe
Artisan Woodworker
 Karnasht's Tooth Carved Lebethron Bow Recipe
 Karnasht's Tooth Carved Lebethron Crossbow Recipe
 Steelmaw's Paw Carved Lebethron Hammer Recipe
 Windscreamer's Claw Carved Lebethron Spear Recipe
 Driftmane's Fang Carved Lebethron Staff Recipe
Master Woodworker
 Hoartusk's Horn Carved Black Ash Bow Recipe
 Hoartusk's Horn Carved Black Ash Crossbow Recipe
 Colnor's Scale Carved Black Ash Hammer Recipe
 Snowback's Claw Carved Black Ash Spear Recipe
 Skybreaker's Scale Carved Black Ash Staff Recipe

Special Crafting Drops

Component Mob Level Species Region/Coords Notes
 Achathling's Mandible Achathling 50 E Spider Angmar
[11.7N, 26.3W]
 Asht's Tooth Asht 20 Warg Lone-lands
[35.3S, 39.0W]
In Minas Eriol (the area with Arnorian Rubble)
 Burzrit's Mandible Burzrit 11 S Spider Ered Luin
On the path to the pond west of the ruins with all the spiders
 Blackclaw's Claw Blackclaw 20 S Bear Bree-land
[36.2S, 55.0W]
Barrow Downs, far south by the elite trees
 Bleakwind's Tongue Bleakwind 33 EM Drake North Downs
[6.5S, 41.0W]
Nain Amlug west at the "w" on the map
 Colnor's Scale Colnor 52 EM Drake Angmar
[8.0N, 24.0W]
In the valley on the right of the road to Minas Caul (Nan Gurth, E Angmar)
 Darkheart's Black Heart Darkheart 31 EM Huorn Lone-lands
Agamaur north of the undead area
 Driftmane's Fang Driftmane 41 Lynx Misty Mountains
[24.2S, 2.7W]
Stealthed. NE of Gloin's camp and east of Cirith Imladris
 Eitor-kalsak's Mandible Eitor-kalsak 18 E Spider Bree-land
[36.5S, 57.2W]
Roams The Weaver's Den
 Gloom-gaze's Fang Gloom-gaze 15 Bat Bree-land
[34.9S, 58.1W]
Old Forest
 Gnashmaw's Tongue Gnashmaw 48 E Flame-worm Angmar
[0.4S, 22.1W]
South Maethad
 Grish's Tail Grish 33 E Warg North Downs
[15.3S, 39.6W]
Dol Dínen south of the binding stones
 Hoartusk's Horn Hoartusk 48 EM Mammoth Misty Mountains
Wanders the Giant Halls
 Tuft of Ironhide's Fur Ironhide 20 E Boar Lone-lands
[28.9S, 36.8W]
Echad Sul, hill north of Weathertop
 Karnasht's Tooth Karnasht 37 E Wolf Trollshaws
[35.0S, 13.9W]
Drauglad, wolf den south of the road
 Khurshat's Tooth Khurshat 27 S Warg North Downs
[11.3S, 43.5W]
South of Esteldín near The Snares
 Kindle-maw's Fang Kindle-maw 43 EM Drake Misty Mountains
On the slopes above the western half of Caldwell Pool
 Kraur's Paw Kraur 26 S Warg Lone-lands
[32.8S, 26.3W]
Near Haragmar and the East-West Road
 Green Moss Moss-back 28E Bog-lurker Lone-lands
Roams Haragmar east of Ost Guruth
 Nurzum's Tail Núrzum 33 S Warg North Downs
[12.1S, 37.0W]
East of Esteldín on the road south into Dol Dínen
 Raugzok's Ear Raugzok 33 E Warg North Downs
[14.7S, 37.7W]
Roams the east side of Dol Dínen
 Sagrurz's Tooth Sagrurz 37 E Warg Evendim
[4.2S, 65.2W]
Spawns in the Goblin camp of Tûm Fuin
 Sawtooth's Tooth Sawtooth 18 S Wolf Lone-lands
[28.6S, 41.6W]
Spawns in Den near Weatherway bridge
 Silverclaw's Claw Silverclaw 35 E Wildcat North Downs
[8.2S, 45.4W]
S of Othrikar near the wildcat lair
 Skulkmire's Moss Skulkmire 28 S Bog-lurker North Downs
[15.4S, 43.2W]
Meluinen south of the Orc camp at Merenost
 Skybreaker's Scale Skybreaker 48 EM Drake Angmar
[0.2N, 24.8W]
Under the Th in Maethad
 Snowback's Claw Snowback 49 E Snowbeast Misty Mountains
[20.4S, 2.3W]
In the open field South of Helegrod raid instance
 Steelmaw's Paw Steelmaw 39 E Bear Trollshaws
[30.3S, 16.3W]
Western edge of the forest north of Thorenhad
 Thaukoth's Tail Thaukoth 24 E Warg North Downs
[8.3S, 49.5W]
Annúndir near the Burial Mounds
River Maiden's Thread Trampletusk 20 S Auroch North Downs
[12.0S, 45.2W]
South of Gatson's Farm
 Umling's Mandible Umling 42 E Spider Trollshaws
Trap Door ruins at the north end of the Wovenvales
 Wildthorn's Bark Wildthorn 17 E Huorn Bree-land
[34.2S, 57.6W]
The Forlorn Glade, south of Tom Bombadil's house
 Windscreamer's Claw Windscreamer 39 S Lynx Trollshaws
[34.8S, 9.1W]
Patrols the High Moor


Named monsters that drop items which are apparently for crafting but not actually used. These are mostly low level, often quest, mobs. Their text does not mention crafting, and since the Shores of Evendim update they have a have not been altered to the crafting coloured background.

Trophy Mob
 Bogbull's Bones Bogbull
 Crop-scourge's Wing Crop-scourge
 Iornaith's Head Iornaith
 Naegarch's Eye Naegarch
 Shadepaw's Paw Shadepaw
 Snarler's Tooth Snarler
 Raugzok's Ear Raugzok