Quest:Instance: A Dream of Cold and Silence

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Instance: A Dream of Cold and Silence
Level 105
Type Session Play
Starts with Merry
Starts at The High Hall
Start Region Minas Tirith (After-battle)
Map Ref [66.1S, 19.0W]
Quest Chain Minas Tirith (After-battle)
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

A Dream of Cold and Silence
"What do you think is going on in there? Do you think Merry can recover?"


Merry's body is held in the grip of the Black Shadow, but his dreaming mind works to free him of the malady's nightmare.

Objective 1

Is that Pippin? What is he doing in the Barrow-downs?

Pippin: 'Merry! Thank goodness I have found you!'
Your mind is full of confusion. The last thing you remember is the great beast descending on Théoden and Snowmane, and then... and then...
Pippin's face is a mask of concern.
'Théoden? Éowyn? They have been brought up to the Citadel, I think. Gandalf sent me to look for you. Are you wounded? Here, come with me. I'm supposed to bring you back...'
Pippin seems as if he wants to say more, but then he is gone

Objective 2

  • Look for Pippin to the south-east, among the barrows

Pippin was here, but now he is gone. Look for him to the south-east, somewhere among the barrows.

There is no sign of Pippin, but you have found... Sam Gamgee?

Objective 3

  • Talk to Sam among the barrows

What is Sam Gamgee doing here in among the barrows? Where is Frodo?

Sam: You are surprised to see Sam here among the barrows, and you tell him so. He frowns, and his face is full of sorrow.
'Have you seen Frodo?' he asks. 'I cannot find him anywhere! He was here, and now he is gone!'
You tell him that Pippin has gone away, but you will look for both of them. They cannot be gone forever, can they?
Sam looks at you sadly, and then he too is gone
Is that Pippin to the north? Good old Pip!

Objective 4

  • Find your friend to the north, among the barrows

Is that Pippin? You see someone back to the west, among the barrows!

Frodo: Frodo stares at you silently. It has been so long since you have seen him.
You beg him to speak, but you find that you no longer remember the sound of his voice.
Frodo is gone, like all the rest. All of your friends have gone away

Objective 5

  • Loneliness grips your heart

Your friends have all gone.

You remember these Orcs. But where is Pippin?

Objective 6

You remember these Orcs... but where is Pippin?'

Uglúk: 'You'll run now, if you know what's good for you! There's a lot of Horse-country to cover, but we'll outpace our pursuers, even in the sunlight!
'Now run, maggot! You'll taste the whip if you do not, and I'll have your hide!'

Objective 7

  • Run with the Orcs

Your friends have all gone.

Uglúk says, "That goes for all of you! Run, maggots!"
Where is Pip? Why is he not here?

Objective 8

  • Find Pippin

Your friends have all gone.

Is that Pippin up ahead?
No, Pip! Don't touch it!

Objective 9

Do any of the Rohirrim still live?

Nothing moves in the camp of Rohan
Slain Soldier: The man stares past you with sightless eyes. He died on the Pelennor, and will never return home to his family.
Slain Soldier: This man sleeps the unending sleep of death, and gains no rest from it. His sightless eyes stare at you accusingly.

Objective 10

Who has come to this camp among all the dead?

Éowyn: Éowyn does not respond.
You cannot tell if the warrior lives. Would remaining behind have been a crueler fate?
Dernhelm: Dernhelm does not respond.
You cannot tell if the warrior lives, if he ever did.

Objective 11

  • Death hangs above all

Death hangs above all.

Éowyn is in danger! She needs help!

Objective 12

  • Save Éowyn

Death hangs above all.

You are held in the grip of terror and moving is difficult!
First there is cold, then there is silence, and finally: Death.

Interlude: A Dream of Cold and Silence