Quest:Instance: The Wedding Banquet

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Instance: The Wedding Banquet
Level ...
Type Solo
Starts with Merethien
Starts at Merethrond - Banquet Hall
Start Region Minas Tirith (Midsummer)
Map Ref [22.5N, 55.9W]
Ends with King Aragorn II Elessar
Ends at Merethrond - Banquet Hall
End Region Minas Tirith (Midsummer)
Map Ref [22.5N, 55.9W]
Quest Chain Vol. V. Book 1
Reflecting Pool Minas Tirith (Midsummer) Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The Wedding Banquet

"Long into the night, the folk of the city made merry and celebrated the union of King Elessar and Queen Arwen."


The ceremony may be over, but the festivities continue! The great wedding-feast will last well into the night, with the noise of celebration continuing nearly until dawn.

Objective 1

Merethien, the Master Foodmonger of Minas Tirith, has some questions for Merry and Pippin concerning what qualifies as a 'banquet' at their home, the distant Shire. Furthermore, she is pleased to have an excuse to leave Ioreth's chatter and Galathir's lecture behind her.

Merethien: 'Thank you for rescuing me, <name>. I intend no disrespect for any of the fine folk at my table, for they are all worthies of Gondor in their own ways... but some of them can be most tiring.
'Come with me, my helpful friend. I see the hobbits with whom I spoke right over there.'
Merethien says, "The kitchens have been kept busy for days!"
Merethien says, "If such a feast in the Shire is commonplace, that must be a land of plenty!"
Merethien says, "Well, my hobbit friends! Does this "banquet" of Gondor meet your expectations?"
Meriadoc Brandybuck says, "Look who it is, Pip! <name>, and our friend the foodmonger!"
Peregrin Took says, "Hullo there!"

Objective 3

  • Talk to Merry

Merethien wants to know if Merry and Pippin are satisfied that the wedding-feast she has helped to prepare can compare with the banquets they described in the Shire.

Meriadoc Brandybuck: 'What do you think, Pip? What would old Flourdumpling have to say about the courses on offer here? Oh yes, Merethien, I think this wedding-feast can stand quite comfortably alongside the very finest of Shire banquets!'
  • Listen to Merry and Pippin's account of the various courses
Meriadoc Brandybuck says, "Just listen to what we've had already!"
Meriadoc Brandybuck says, "There has been pottage."
Peregrin Took says, "Ham, pea, and leek varieties!"
Meriadoc Brandybuck says, "Breads."
Peregrin Took says, "With butter and honey!"
Meriadoc Brandybuck says, "Plenty of game."
Peregrin Took says, "Coney, venison, AND boar!"
Meriadoc Brandybuck says, "Roasted meats."
Peregrin Took says, "Beef, mutton, and goat!"
Meriadoc Brandybuck says, "Lots of fish."
Peregrin Took says, "Salmon, pike, and eel!"
Meriadoc Brandybuck says, "Enough fowl for all."
Peregrin Took says, "Capon, goose, duck, pheasant, and heron!"
Meriadoc Brandybuck says, "Eggs if you want them."
Peregrin Took says, "Just like grandma used to boil!"
Meriadoc Brandybuck says, "Assorted greens and vegetables."
Peregrin Took says, "If you've still got room!"
Meriadoc Brandybuck says, "Savory pies and pastries."
Peregrin Took says, "I liked the ones shaped like trees and stars especially!"
Meriadoc Brandybuck says, "Cheeses and olives."
Peregrin Took says, "So many cheeses!"
Meriadoc Brandybuck says, "Stewed fruits."
Peregrin Took says, "Apples, pears, plums, and cherries!"
Meriadoc Brandybuck says, "The desserts have been particularly good."
Peregrin Took says, "Pies, pastries, creams, jellies, and honeyed almonds!"
Meriadoc Brandybuck says, "And that is not to mention the wine and the ale."
Peregrin Took says, "Don't forget the mead!"
Meriadoc Brandybuck says, "To answer your question, Master Foodmonger, I would say this is quite the banquet, and we hobbits heartily approve!"
Merethien says, "I am pleased... and a little exhausted... to hear it!"
Merethien says, "Enjoy yourselves, my friends."
Peregrin Took says, "We have spent enough time at the tables of the Rohirrim, Merry."

Objective 3

  • Follow Pippin back to his table

Pippin wants to return to his own table for a bit, and wishes for you and Merry to follow him.

Peregrin Took says, "Let's go back to my table. Come on, <name>!"
Peregrin Took says, "Whoa! We can't cut through here, <name>!"
Peregrin Took says, "We shouldn't interrupt the dance! Follow me!"
Elrond says, "What is this?"
Mithrandir says, "Peregrin Took!"
Frodo Baggins says, "Go, Pippin, go! Ha ha!"
Samwise Gamgee says, "Pippin!"
Peregrin Took says, "We made it!"
Beregond says, "Welcome back, Master Peregrin. And greetings to you, <name>."

Objective 4

  • Talk to Beregond

Beregond and his family sit at Pippin's table with a number of Gondorian nobles.

Beregond: '<name>, it is my pleasure to introduce you to my wife Gilithel, and I believe you have already met our son Bergil. He was quite the trouble-maker in Minas Tirith, running through the lower tiers with his friends, and he has found new ways to cause mischief in Ithilien. But he is a good lad, and at his age I was much the same.
'I must confess to you I did not think I would be welcomed back to the city for the King's wedding, but word was sent to Lord Faramir, and we could not refuse.'
  • Listen to the conversation of Beregond's family
Gilithel says, "My husband grieves still for the lives he took."
Gilithel says, "I have told him again and again that by his sword he saved the life of Lord Faramir."
Beregond says, "I know, my dearest. I know."
Beregond says, "Still, the King's justice..."
Gilithel says, "Was merciful, and fair."
Bergil says, "I'm bored."
Bergil says, "For how long will they dance? Is it almost over?"
Gilithel says, "I think it is lovely."
Gilithel says, "How beautiful a Queen this Elf-maiden makes!"
Bergil says, "I heard her brothers' arrows can split an Orc-skull in twain from three hundred yards!"
Beregond says, "Bergil, silence. This is not the time to speak of it."
Bergil says, "I know! That's why I'm bored!"
Meriadoc Brandybuck says, "<name>, I think we should see to Thrymm Red-beard."
Meriadoc Brandybuck says, "His listeners appear in need of rescue."

Objective 5

Thrymm Red-beard has obtained a captive audience, and is regaling them with tales of his adventures.

Thrymm Red-beard: 'And so, with our horses refreshed, we crossed the Mering-stream and rode hard through the Beacon Hills. We were so close, but not yet close enough: we were beset by Orcs and Variags near Amon Dîn! We broke through the line of Variags, but they did not pursue us. I think now I know the reason: they knew the road ahead would be held against us!'
Thrymm pauses in his tale, seeming to see you for the first time.
'Oh, <name>, pull up a seat! I was just telling these fine folk of Gondor about some of my recent adventures!'

Objective 6

  • Listen (again) to Thrymm's tale of his exploits

Thrymm Red-beard has obtained a captive audience, and is regaling them with tales of his adventures.

Thrymm Red-beard says, "In the darkness of night, we came to the western flank of the encampment in the Drúadan."
Thrymm Red-beard says, "And do you know what happened?"
Lothíriel says, "This is very interesting, but -"
Thrymm Red-beard says, "We were nearly turned into pincushions by Grimbold's sentries!"
Thrymm Red-beard says, "Can you imagine?"
Prince Imrahil says, "Well, in time of war, I myself have -"
Thrymm Red-beard says, "But THEN!"
Thrymm Red-beard says, "At the last moment, one of the archers recognized me by the spectre of my beard!"
Thrymm Red-beard says, "It glowed crimson in the guttering light of their single torch!"
Lothíriel says, "Is every man of Rohan so bold, and yet so protected by fortunate stars?"
Thrymm Red-beard says, "Many, aye! But even I am no match for Éomer who is now king!"
Thrymm Red-beard says, "The tales I could tell you of his courage!"
Meriadoc Brandybuck says, "Come along, Thrymm! Someone at another table wishes to hear of your grand adventures."
Thrymm Red-beard says, "Ah, who desires to hear such?"
Meriadoc Brandybuck says, "Oh, that's easy, it's..."
Thrymm Red-beard says, "Master Meriadoc, wait!"
Prince Imrahil says, "You will have to thank your Halfling friend for us, <name>."
Lothíriel says, "I might have heard more of Éomer, father."
Prince Imrahil says, "That reminds me, <name>, I was given a message for you."

Objective 7

  • Talk to Prince Imrahil

Prince Imrahil was given a message for you.

Prince Imrahil: 'One of the wine stewards came by earlier, before our friend from Rohan launched into his... full-throated... tales of bravery. This steward asked if we would do him the kindness of delivering you to him if you chanced to come by our table.
'He said he would be downstairs, <name>. Now that I have executed this charge, perhaps I will learn what else my daughter would hear of the new king of Rohan, and why the speaking of his name brings such a blush to her cheeks....'

Objective 8

  • Talk to the wine steward downstairs

Prince Imrahil told you a wine steward working at the wedding-feast wanted you to meet with him downstairs.

Wine Steward: 'Ah, there you are, <name>! I am pleased the Prince of Dol Amroth gave you my message, for it is urgent and I did not know where else I might turn. There is something of a problem, you see, and I need you to ensure it does not get any worse!
'Some rough sorts have gathered outside. I am afraid they might intend to disrupt the wedding-feast in some way. They were asking for you!
'Here, take these bottles of wine out to them. It could be that an offering of peace will send them happily on their way. And if not, well... your deeds are well-known, and such rough sorts as these may take one look at you and decide it would be best for them to go elsewhere!'
Wine Steward says, "Be careful, <name>. They are gathered outside, right through those doors."
He hands you a number of wine bottles to use as a peace offering

Objective 9

  • Go outside and confront the 'rough sorts' described by the wine steward

The wine steward gave you some fine bottles of Gondor's finest to use as a peace offering with the 'rough sorts' gathering outside.

You have been tasked with leaving Merethrond by the front doors and confronting the group of rough sorts the wine steward described.

Objective 10

The Grey Company has gathered to celebrate the wedding of their chieftain, and to honour the great deeds done on his behalf.

Radanir says, "You owe me a drink or three, <name>."
Radanir says, "But we got to talking..."
Radanir says, "And my companions thought you deserved the honour of a raised glass."
Corunir says, "Do not be fooled, <name>!"
Corunir says, "It was Radanir's idea."
Radanir says, "Quiet."
Daervunn says, "The chieftain of the Dúnedain has his throne."
Idhrien says, "Gondor has its King and its Queen."
Corunir says, "The Grey Company fulfilled its oath, and so did you, <class>."
Radanir says, "To the Grey Company! And to <name>!"

Objective 11

  • Talk to Radanir
  • Talk to Culang

The Grey Company has gathered to celebrate the wedding of their chieftain, and to honour the great deeds done on his behalf.

Radanir: 'Who can say when we will all be once again together, <name>? Each of us has business elsewhere: some in the north, some here in the south. It would have been a shame not to mark the occasion. Is that so unusual? We all feel a kinship with each other, borne of our shared duty; it is strange to me that we must now separate.
'Lothrandir wishes to return to Forochel, the land of the Snowmen, so I will travel with him part of the way with some others of the company. Techeron will reside once again in Evendim, but on the way we will pay a visit to Saeradan and learn the tale of his own return to Eriador with our fallen brothers. Idhrien and Langlas plan to stay for awhile at Esteldín with Mincham. Angwedh has not yet decided where he will travel, just that his road lies to the north. If he has a place in mind, he has not shared it with us; I think the wilderness calls to him.'
Radanir smirks at you.
'Do you know what calls to me? The food of the north-lands! The food at this feast is too richly-made, too covered in sauces, too soft, and there's too much of it. There isn't anything to sink your teeth into, <name>. Give me the crusty bread and old cheese of the Forsaken Inn, a day's ride east of Bree... that is all I need.'
Culang: 'The Grey Company rode from Eriador to aid the chieftain of the Dúnedain, and now many of us will return to our homes; but not all. We all have our own reasons, for the king has not set a bond upon us that we do not choose for ourselves.
'But there remains the question: what shall be done about the land that lies on Gondor's doorstep? Mordor lies there, the Black Land, and who knows what sorceries of the Witch-king may lurk within the Morgul Vale. I will help my king to combat these evils, and so too will Dagoras, and Faeron, and Mithrendan.
'Others of the Grey Company may decide to do the same... but they must choose for themselves. We have done what we intended, but I wager that some may discover they wish to do more. Gondor awaits an era of peace... but it will not arrive without we who are willing to fight for it.'

Objective 12

  • Go back inside Merethrond and rejoin the wedding-feast

You should return to the wedding-feast, which will likely soon be winding down.

Objective 13

  • Talk to the wine steward

The wine steward is being regaled with tales of Thrymm's heroics, and he wishes to speak with you.

Thrymm Red-beard says, "But one of the archers recognized me by the spectre of my beard!"
Wine Steward: 'I played my part as well as I could, <name>! Were your friends able to surprise you?'
The wine steward glances at Thrymm Red-beard, whose long-winded description of past glories has shown no sign of cessation; indeed, he may have started anew.
'Perhaps you can go back upstairs and see if my services are needed? I am sure there must be a need for more wine... there simply must....'

Objective 14

  • Talk to King Elessar upstairs, on the western side of the feast-hall

The wedding-feast continues into the night and you should speak with King Elessar before the festivities conclude.

Thrymm Red-beard says, "Let me start over. We received the call to the weapontake on March 11th..."
King Aragorn II Elessar: 'I hope you are enjoying yourself, <name>. I confess to you that much of tonight has passed by with dizzying speed, but it is a joyful motion and I would trade it for nothing else.
'Might I ask a favour of you? Earlier I spoke with Faramir about a matter of some importance, and I am interested to learn if he has come to a decision. Would you speak with him and determine if this be so?'

Objective 15

Prince Faramir of Ithilien is at the head table in Merethrond.

Arwen Undómiel says, "My dear one does me a kindness, but I am more interested in this decision than is he."
Faramir: 'It is a pleasure to speak with you, my friend. I saw you earlier, when our Halfling friends ran by the table on their way to do some mischief... it was a spirited chase, and brought a smile to my lips; that has been rare enough in the days since... well, in the past few days.'
Faramir falls silent, and you take the opportunity to ask if he has considered the topic about which King Elessar inquired. Faramir studies you quietly.
'He told you not the subject of our discussion? He is more subtle than I expected, or perhaps it is the hand of his Queen that makes him so! Ah, <name>, you are a friend, so I will speak freely.
'The king knows that my heart has been captured by the Lady Éowyn of Rohan. She returned to the Riddermark in the company of her brother while they prepare for the funeral of Théoden, and while she has been gone my heart has been in darkness! Ever she occupies my thoughts, and I know I will never again feel happiness or joy while we are apart. I dare not hope she feels the same, and would not! For I would wish her no unhappiness.'
  • Listen to the conversation of Prince Faramir and Samwise Gamgee
Faramir says, "I thought to ask for her hand in marriage, but I am full of worry."
Faramir says, "Is it just this Midsummer's Day that makes me dwell upon it?"
Faramir says, "What if she does not feel the same as I?"
Samwise Gamgee says, "Begging your pardon, Prince Faramir. I am sorry, for I hate to intrude..."
Faramir says, "You need not apologize, dear Samwise."
Samwise Gamgee says, "Well, it seems to me that folk of Gondor always make things too complicated."
Samwise Gamgee says, "And maybe that's fine and normal down here..."
Samwise Gamgee says, "...but in the Shire we prize when things are simple."
Faramir says, "I see."
Samwise Gamgee says, "It's true that there's a lot of marriage talk in the air..."
Samwise Gamgee says, "...and it makes me blush to think of it, since I never thought myself the type..."
Samwise Gamgee says, "...but I am rather of a mind to get married myself, when this is all over."
Frodo Baggins says, "Do you have a particular girl in mind, Sam? I wager you do!"
Samwise Gamgee says, "And so what if I do, Mister Frodo?"
Faramir says, "I think I understand your advice, Master Samwise, and I thank you for your hobbit-wisdom!"
Faramir says, "I shall ask for Éowyn's hand when next I see her!"

Objective 16

  • Talk to Samwise Gamgee

Samwise Gamgee is at the head table in Merethrond.

Samwise Gamgee: 'Dear me! I am pleased that Prince Faramir has made up his mind, but to be completely honest with you, <name>, I had not quite gotten around to the advice I intended to give to him!
'Still, all is well when it ends well... which it will, if Lady Éowyn agrees to his proposal. If she does not, I fear the reputation of hobbit-wisdom may suffer in Ithilien and Gondor! Oh dear!'

Objective 17

  • Investigate the disturbance on the western side of the feast-hall

A loud disturbance has caused a commotion on the western side of the feast-hall.

Samwise Gamgee says, "What is that?"
A great commotion draws your attention to the west side of the feast-hall
King Aragorn II Elessar says, "Take a deep breath, my friend."
King Aragorn II Elessar says, "All will be well."
King Aragorn II Elessar says, "Now, is there a problem?"
Kitchen-master says, "They just barged in, my king! They are causing a commotion in the kitchens!"
Arwen Undómiel says, "Of whom do you speak?"
King Aragorn II Elessar says, "Ah, now I see."
King Aragorn II Elessar says, "It is a pleasure to meet you at last, Grimbeorn!"
Arwen Undómiel says, "You are most welcome here, son of Beorn."
Grimbeorn says, "I'm told there was to be a feast."
Mithrandir says, "Indeed, Grimbeorn!"
Mithrandir says, "Of course, courtesy demands one attend the ceremony before one attends the feast."
Mithrandir says, "And you have missed the ceremony."
Grimbeorn says, "Hmmmph. One wedding is much the same as any other."
Grimbeorn says, "Is there a place for me?"
Arwen Undómiel says, "There will always be such a place, son of Beorn, both for your father's heroism and your own."
Grimbeorn says, "Good."
King Aragorn II Elessar says, "Find a table to your liking and food will be brought with all haste."
Grimbeorn says, "I need no servants. I have brought my own."
Grimbeorn says, "This way!"

Objective 18

  • Talk to King Elessar

King Elessar wishes to speak with you.

Woman of Minas Tirith says, "My goodness!"
Man of Minas Tirith says, "I cannot believe my eyes!"
Bergil says, "Ooooh!"
Erchar says, "I cannot believe my eyes!"
Drambor says, "Look, mother!"
Lorvegil says, "What...?"
Master Dagrun says, "My goodness!"
Húrin the Tall says, "What is this?"
Terenis says, "What am I seeing?"
King Aragorn II Elessar: 'I expect Grimbeorn and his animals will enliven Merethrond for a time. Good! It will give us a brief respite from all this celebration!
'Arwen and I would like to speak to you, <name>, in a more quiet setting. Let us find one.'