Quest:Instance: The Fellowship Departs

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Instance: The Fellowship Departs
Level 50
Type Solo only
Starts with Elrond
Starts at Elrond's Library
Start Region Rivendell
Map Ref [29.6S, 3.3W]
Quest Group Vol. II. Prologue
Quest Text

The Fellowship Departs
"The household of Elrond Halfelven gather to bid farewell to nine brave adventurers, entrusted with a secret task which could mean the salvation or doom of Middle-earth... I, Gandalf the Grey, must lead them along dark roads...."


The time has come to bid farewell to the Company as they set forth on their errand of secrecy.

Objective 1

Frodo is on the porch of the House of Elrond, preparing to depart with the Company.

The folk of Elrond's house bid farewell to the Company as they prepare to depart.

Frodo Baggins: 'Everything seems to be ready, <name>, and we're about to leave. Hopefully, I will see you again once this is all done with!'
Bilbo Baggins says, "You take care of yourself, Frodo. Adventuring is dangerous business!"
Frodo Baggins says, "It is, but look at all the help I'll have!"
Bilbo Baggins says, "You're right, Frodo."
Bilbo Baggins says, "You can't go wrong with a Took, a Brandybuck, and a Gamgee! Solid hobbits all."

Objective 2

Members of the Company can be found in front of the House of Elrond, preparing to depart.

The folk of Elrond's house bid farewell to the Company as they prepare to depart.

Aragorn: 'Keep an eye upon these lands while we are away, my friend. Our errand is a dangerous one, but there will be danger behind us, too, and my footsteps will be easier if I know that <name> remains behind to protect against them. My own journey will carry me far from here.'
Aragorn says, "Andúril will go to Minas Tirith, but my road follows that of the Company for many leagues."
Samwise Gamgee: 'Samwise, you dunder-head! You've gone and forgotten to bring a bit of rope with you. I knew there was something you'd forgotten!
'Hullo there, <name>. It looks like this is it, and we're about to head out. Check in on my old Gaffer from time to time, will you? Lor' knows when we'll be done with this whole business.
'Bill here will have too much to carry as it is, and I've lightened his load as much as I can.'
Samwise Gamgee says, "You're in for it now, same as we are, Bill. Got to look after each other, we do!"
Meriadoc Brandybuck: 'This is it, <name>. Wish us luck, and we'll be sure to come through okay. Leastways, we'll make sure to lend Frodo all the help we can, and do whatever Gandalf needs us to do.
'We'll see you when we get back, and that's a promise!'
Meriadoc Brandybuck says, "Come on, Pip. It's almost time to go."
Peregrin Took says, "I'm ready! I was just saving my energy, Merry!"

Objective 3

Boromir stands proudly before the House of Elrond, preparing to depart with the Company.

The folk of Elrond's house bid farewell to the Company as they prepare to depart.

Boromir: 'So begins a new journey. Let us go forth boldly, I say, rather than skulking from shadow to shadow, and let the Enemy quail at our coming!'
  • Watch the Company's departure
Boromir says, "Are we ready at last to leave? I will be glad to put this waiting behind us!"
Boromir says, "Always do I wind my horn at setting forth. Let the Enemy quake at its call!"
Elrond says, "That was ill-done, Boromir. The strength of the Company's errand is in its secrecy."
Boromir says, "Why should we creep in darkness and in fear? We are not thieves!"
Gandalf says, "Yet we must leave like thieves, Boromir, or risk detection!"
Gandalf says, "Come here, <name>."

Objective 4

  • Talk to Gandalf
  • Watch the Company's departure

Gandalf is before the House of Elrond, preparing to depart with the Company.

The folk of Elrond's house bid farewell to the Company as they prepare to depart.

Gandalf: 'The number of the Company has been chosen, <name>, and any more would threaten the success of its mission.
'You have business remaining in Eriador, brave <race>: defend its people from the lengthening shadows. If the errand of this Company fails, Eriador will have need of heroes before the final darkness.'

Gandalf says, "You have done your part, <name>. This burden is for others to bear."
Elrond says, "The Company is setting out on the Quest of Mount Doom."
Elrond says, "I ask no oath or bond of you, save Frodo alone: you go with him as free companions."
Gimli says, "Any who abandon Frodo will answer to my axe."
Elrond says, "A fool vows to walk any road when he knows not where it winds, Gimli."
Gimli says, "Such a vow might lend the fool courage to strengthen his heart, if strength it needed."
Elrond says, "Rely instead upon each other and take what counsels you can."
Elrond says, "Go now and with the blessings of all Free Folk! Farewell!"
Samwise Gamgee says, "Come on, Bill."
Legolas says, "Farewell, sweet Imladris! You will stay always in my memory!"
Peregrin Took says, "Merry?"
Meriadoc Brandybuck says, "What is it, Pippin?"
Peregrin Took says, "I'm hungry."

Objective 5

Elrond is before his house, watching the Company depart.

The Company is now on their way into the wild on an errand of secrecy upon which rest the hopes of all the Free Peoples.

Elrond: 'It is done, and they are beyond my aid. For all of my wisdom, I cannot see the end of their road. May they come to it in safety and return to Rivendell in victory.'
Elrond says, "And so the Company departs. May the stars shine upon their road's end."

Elrond: 'Let us go back inside, <name>. There is nothing more we can do for them: the Company must now rely upon their own strength and wisdom.'