Gaffer Gamgee

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Gaffer Gamgee
Image of Gaffer Gamgee
Title Respected Gardener
Gender Male
Race Hobbit
Region The Shire
Area Hobbiton-Bywater
Map Ref [30.2S, 71.5W]


Gaffer Gamgee is the father of Samwise Gamgee and he lives at Number 3 Bagshot Row in Hobbiton-Bywater, in the Shire. He used to be Bilbo Baggins' and Frodo's gardener. However, recently Lotho, the son of the new owner, dismissed him.

During the Farmers Faire old Gaffer is found at a large mushroom tent next to the Three Farthing Stone. There he is chatting with his friends Farmer Maggot and Tolman Cotton.

Quest Involvement

Festival Quests:


Item Cost
 Bag of Salt Silver12 Copper
 Bottle of Water Copper
 Chicken Egg 24 Copper
 Coney 56 Copper
 Cut of Beef Silver12 Copper
 Drop of Honey 56 Copper
 Dry Rations 48 Copper
 Hard Rations Silver12 Copper
 Jar of Vegetable Oil 56 Copper
 Lamb Bone Silver12 Copper
 Lamb Kidney Silver12 Copper
 Lump of Butter 24 Copper
 Piece of Uncooked Bacon 56 Copper
 Pinch of Shire Seasonings 56 Copper
 Pork Shank 24 Copper
 Raw Pork Sausage 56 Copper
 Rich Rations Silver60 Copper
 Scoop of Lard 24 Copper
 Simple Rations Copper
 Tasty Rations Silver20 Copper
 Uncooked Pork Chop Silver12 Copper

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