Quest:Instance: The Foe Resurgent

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Instance: The Foe Resurgent
Level 105
Type Solo
Starts with Ingbert
Starts at Kings' End
Start Region Kings' End
Map Ref [22.6N, 15.0W]
Ends with Imrahil
Ends at Kings' End
End Region Kings' End
Map Ref [20.6N, 15.0W]
Quest Chain Vol. IV. Book 6
Reflecting Pool Far Anórien Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

The Foe Resurgent
"The Witch-king of Angmar is slain, but the forces of the Enemy remain unbroken. Instead of fleeing at the sight of their Master's fate, their resolve is strengthened as countless new foes pour forth from Osgiliath. What other commander could lead such an army against Gondor?"


With the Witch-king now dead, a new commander has taken control of the enemy forces on the Pelennor Fields.

Objective 1

Ingbert is on the Pelennor Fields just ahead of you.

You have begun your foray from Kings' End to discover the Enemy's new commander and should now talk to Ingbert.

Reeve Ingbert: 'I know not who could command such a force in the absence of the Witch-king.
'These fields churn with battle and blood, but we must learn more of this new commander. Who could lead so many with nary an ebb in the flow of battle?
'He shall surely come forth from Osgiliath as so many of his reinforcements have, but we cannot afford to hold here and allow his forces to overwhelm us.
'Let us move to a more fortified position and hope that we might learn of his identity.'

Objective 2

Ingbert is battling on the Pelennor Fields.

Ingbert has asked you to join him in searching for the Enemy's new commander.

Reeve Ingbert says, "Whoever now commands the forces of the Enemy is bold, indeed."
Reeve Ingbert says, "To pin us between the forces on the field and those out of Osgiliath is wise, but I shall not allow it."
Reeve Ingbert says, "<name>, we must move now!"
Reeve Ingbert says, "Éomer rode south, towards the Hillock - we shall meet him there and make our stand together!"
Reeve Ingbert says, "Hold! Know you these men?"
You have discovered Duilin and Derufin scouting a path through the nearby battlefield

Objective 3

Duilin and Derufin are scouting ahead and attempting to slay the Mûmakîl.

You should stand back and allow them to weaken the beasts before proceeding.

Duilin says, "<name>!"
Derufin says, "It is good to see you, friend, but stay quiet...else those Mûmakîl might hear us."
Duilin says, "Another friend of yours, I presume? I am Duilin, and this is Derufin."
Duilin says, "We are brothers of the Blackroot Vale, and we aim to avenge our fallen."
Duilin says, "Those Mûmakîl shall be felled and their riders thrown down - I swear it!"
Reeve Ingbert says, "<name>, I trust in your choice of allies, but how are we to pass? that?"
Reeve Ingbert says, "A massive beast with well-nigh a score of men atop it - how can we fell such a foe?"
Derufin says, "Only arrows to the eye can fell those beasts... for their hides are like stone."
Derufin says, "We have done it before, and we shall do it again!"
Duilin says, "Indeed, while you were away, we slew four of them that dared to approach the walls of the City!"
Duilin says, "After I put out this beast's eyes, we can move to the Orc encampment ahead."
Derufin says, "The Mûmakîl are far too large to follow us there."
Derufin says, "We shall blind them and then press our attack from the cover of those Orkish tents."
Duilin says, "Ready, brother? I shall move in first."
Derufin says, "Of course. Stand back, friends, and let us handle these beasts."
Duilin says, "Look at me, beast of Harad!"
Duilin says, "Derufin, now!"
Reeve Ingbert says, "You are flanked! Run, boy!"
Derufin says, "Brother, what has happened?"
Duilin says, "Ahhh... One of their arrows..."
Derufin says, "Duilin! No!"
Derufin says, "Duilin..."
Derufin says, "Go, my friend, I shall draw them away..."
Reeve Ingbert says, "No! Run not to your death!"
Derufin says, "Follow me, you hideous beast! Follow me and die!"
As the Mûmak rears and stomps, you hear Derufin scream in the distance and then only silence
Reeve Ingbert says, "What horror! What a sorry end!"
The brothers of Blackroot are slain and the Mûmakîl are maddened! Flee!

Objective 4

  • Flee to safety in the Orc encampment!

The Orc encampment is ahead.

Duilin and Derufin have been slain by the Haradrim and their Mûmakîl. You should flee into the nearby Orc encampment.

Reeve Ingbert says, "Make haste, lest we share their fate!"
Reeve Ingbert says, "There is time not to mourn until the battle's ending!"
Morgul Archer says, "They're here! On your feet, maggots!"
Reeve Ingbert says, "Orcs ahead! To arms!"
The Mûmakîl have not pursued you, but you have been spotted by Orcs!'

Objective 5

The Hillock lies to the south-east of Minas Tirith.

Ingbert has decided that the best course is to reach the Hillock and make a stand against the Enemy's reinforcements there. You should follow them.

Reeve Ingbert says, "For Rohan and Gondor!"
Reeve Ingbert says, "Stand down, Orc, and your death shall be swift!"
Mordor Captain says, "Ah, one of the horse-men! Your steeds have fed me and my wargs well!"
Reeve Ingbert says, "Come, <name>, we must press on!"
Reeve Ingbert says, "See you the Hillock? We must reach it!"
Reeve Ingbert says, "Hold, my friend. We cannot go further..."
Reeve Ingbert says, "Look... one of the Enemy's vile beasts feasts upon the dead."
Reeve Ingbert says, "The mere sight of that Black Rider fills me with dread. We must travel another way!"
Reeve Ingbert says, "Men in shining blue armour and one who looks to be their captain!"
You spot Prince Imrahil and his swan-knights battling against the Haradrim

Objective 6

Imrahil and his Swan-knights can be found to the north of the Hillock on the Pelennor Fields.

Imrahil is under attack! You and Ingbert should come to his aid.

Reeve Ingbert says, "A Prince you say?"
Reeve Ingbert says, "They are under attack! Let us aid them!"
Prince Imrahil says, "Hold fast! We are not yet beaten!"
Prince Imrahil says, "Your timing is fortunate, <name>! And who is this warrior?"
Prince Imrahil says, "The Southrons do not relent! Steady now!"
The Haradrim have momentarily stopped their attacks, allowing you a chance to reach the Hillock

Objective 7

  • Reach the Hillock with Imrahil and Ingbert

The Hillock is due south of your position.

Ingbert and Imrahil have begun their journey to the Hillock. You should accompany them.

Reeve Ingbert says, "I am glad we could be of aid to you, Prince Imrahil."
Reeve Ingbert says, "I am Reeve Ingbert of Rohan, and it seems you know well of my companion."
Reeve Ingbert says, "We make for the Hillock. Will you join us?"
Prince Imrahil says, "Our forces are scattered at best and slain at worst."
Prince Imrahil says, "If victory is to be won, we must follow you to the Hillock. Let us go!"
Reeve Ingbert says, "Let us make haste then... before the Enemy's forces overtake our position!"
You find your path blocked by a terrible wraith!

Objective 8

Orolang is standing at the crossroads to the north of the Hillock.

You have found your path blocked by a dreadful wraith and must defeat him if you are to reach the Hillock.

Orolang says, "Stand aside!"
Orolang says, "Have you not heard? The King returns from Minas Ithil at long last!"
Orolang says, "The Witch-king of Angmar is slain. Victory has been won!"
Prince Imrahil says, "You speak only lies. The Last King is dead!"
Prince Imrahil says, "A wraith bearing a crown is no king."
Orolang says, "The Stewards are naught but pretenders - cowards who denied the might of our King."
Orolang says, "Eärnur, Mordirith, Gothmog... whichever you name him, his claim is unbroken!"
Orolang says, "The throne is his once more and ever it shall be!"
Orolang says, "Surrender or die!"
Orolang says, "Fools! Gothmog commands the hosts of Mordor and Minas Morgul!"
Orolang says, "You have merely battled against a small measure of his strength!"
Orolang says, "Only when the hour is too late shall you understand the horrors that await you..."
The wraith vanishes, leaving behind only a pile of robes...
Prince Imrahil says, "Flee to the evil that spawned you, wraith, and tell him that Gondor shall not fall!"
Reeve Ingbert says, "The path is clear! We must move now before our chance is lost!"
Reeve Ingbert says "Still... I fear what that wraith threatened cannot be so easily dismissed."

Objective 9

  • Talk to Imrahil

Imrahil is at the crossroads to the north of the Hillock.

You should speak to him about what is to be done.

Prince Imrahil: 'The wraith speaks ill of the dead - I shall not believe what he claims! Eärnur is lost to the Enemy's trickery... and to his own brashness. Such troubles are not for this day... when such a battle surrounds us even now.
'I saw a bold Rider of Rohan and his company rush by to the south as we fought on. Éomer, they called him, chanting and slaying as they rode. A great fury had taken him, for he and his kinsmen screamed of death and destruction to be done upon our foes.
'If we are to survive the Enemy's renewed strength and the might of Gothmog, we must rally at Éomer's side atop the Hillock.'
Reeve Ingbert: 'Gothmog! These are ill tidings, <name>. We must meet Éomer upon the Hillock - I only hope we are enough to stand against Gothmog's forces.'