Burglar Deeds

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Standard Deeds

Burglar Deeds, organized by associated trait set.

The Quiet Knife

Name Level Reward Task Limit per Day
Cunning Wound 1 Cunning Wound Strike enemies with Cunning Wound 500 times 167
Hidden Dagger 1 Hidden Dagger Use your special Stealth attacks 300 times 100
Focused Eye 12 Focused Eye Use the Aim skill 750 times 150
Strike from Shadows 20 Strike from Shadows Land critical blows with skills when using stealth 400 times 80
Sharp Wit, Sharp Blade 34 Sharp Wit, Sharp Blade Strike with Provoke 750 times 75
Spatial Sense 40 Spatial Sense Strike with Well-placed Strike 150 times 15
Strategic Planning 50 Strategic Planning Use the Location is Everything skill 200 times 20

The Mischief-maker

Name Level Reward Task Limit per Day
Perplexing Riddle 8 Perplexing Riddle Pose riddles to your enemies 200 times 67
Trickster 16 Trickster Use Trick: Dust in the Eyes 1,000 times 200
Disabling Attack 20 Disabling Attack Use Trick: Disable 600 times 90
Opportunist 24 Opportunist Use Trick: Counter Defence 350 times 55
Blind Fury 38 Blind Fury Use Trick: Enrage against your enemies 400 times 40
Complicated Terms 40 Complicated Terms Target must resist your Riddle or Confound skills 75 times 10
Confound the Fools 50 Confound the Fools Strike enemies with your Confound skill 200 times 20

The Gambler

Name Level Reward Task Limit per Day
Swift and Subtle 1 Swift and Subtle Strike using Subtle Stab 1,250 times 417
Cruel Odds 10 Cruel Odds Achieve a critical hit with any skill unlocked by a critical hit 200 times 50
Leaf-walker 10 Leaf-walker Use your Sneak skill 250 times 25
Side-step 10 Side-step Evade enemy attacks 1,250 times 250
Footpad 20 Footpad Use your Diversion skill successfully 500 times 75
Overwhelming Odds 30 Overwhelming Odds Execute fellowship manoeuvres 150 times 15
Honed Wit 40 Honed Wit Strike with Clever Retort 250 times  ?
Even the Odds 50 Even the Odds Use your Escape Clause skill 35 times  ?

Legendary Deeds

Name Level Reward Task
A Guide to the Quiet Knife 58 Practiced Bluff Buy and read A Guide to the Quiet Knife.
Knee-breaker's Manual 39 Sweep the Leg Collect the Knee-breaker's Manual, and find the missing pages.
The Book of Knives 39 Flashing Blades Collect The Book of Knives, and find the missing pages.
The Expert's Guide to Dirty Fighting 39 Exposed Throat Collect The Expert's Guide to Dirty Fighting, and find the missing pages.
The Mines of Moria 55 Dealings Done Complete Book I till VI from Volume II.
The Path of the Mischief-maker 58 Little Annoyances Complete the Path of the Mischief-maker.

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