Zhar Skator

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Zhar Skator
Type: Camp
Region: Morgul Vale
Area: Minas Morgul
Location: [67.2S, 0.2W]

Zhar Skator

Zhar Skator is a landmark within Minas Morgul, in the Morgul Vale. [67.2S, 0.2W]

Ugrukhôr's forces have pushed into Minas Morgul and established the encampment of Zhar Skator upon the Circle of Wrath.

Zhar Skator is the fortified camp of the orcs under the command of Ugrukhôr, the Captain of the Pit, invading Minas Morgul and vying with Gothmog's forces for control of the Circle of Wrath, the outermost circle of the city.



These deeds can be advanced by visiting Zhar Skator.