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The Wallet

The Wallet (originally called the Barter Wallet) or the Enhanced Wallet is a feature of the User Interface (UI) to store and organize various forms of in-game "Currencies." These may be in the form of "Coin," "Points" or "Things for Barter."
Every Character on an account has a "default" or "basic" Wallet. For F2P and premium players, the basic wallet begins with a gold-cap (ie maximum gold-coin limit) which can only be removed by purchasing the LOTRO Store Currency Cap. When the gold-cap is exceeded, the surplus is automatically transferred to "overflow": and released only when the Currency Cap is purchased. An interim work-around to avoid overflow is to purchase bags of coin from a vault-keeper.
The contents of this default Wallet are restricted to the particular Character and to a few items across characters under the account on that server as the "shared storage" feature.
The functionality of this basic Wallet can be expanded with the purchase from the LOTRO Store of an "Enhanced Currency" Wallet.
The Enhanced Currency feature is purchased once by the account and applies to all characters (including Monster Play Creatures) related to that account on all servers.
However, this expanded Wallet shows items for all characters across the account on a particular server only.
As with Shared Storage, it does not allow the sharing or transfer of items between servers.
Your Barter Wallet contains important, implicit information displayed in "Green Type" or in "White Type."
  • "White Type" items are bound to a specific character and will only appear when logged in as that character.
  • "Green Type" Account Shared items are bound to your account on a specific server. All your characters on the same server have access to these items.

Accessing the Wallet

The Wallet, like most UI items, may be opened a number of different ways:
  1. Click on the main menu -- the Caret symbol (^)  Start-up.png -- at the lower left of your screen; then "mouse-over" "Character; then on the resulting "pop-out" menu, select "Wallet." (Note: at the right of this entry is the default Keyboard shortcut "B".)
  2. Via the "Keyboard Shortcut" - "B" on the keyboard. You can reassign this via Options/Key Mapping.
  3. Click on the Icon at about 1 o'clock on the Radar -- the old "Destiny Points" display trigger.
  4. Or you can assign it to a Toolbar slot: Option/UI Settings; Pick a "Toolbar Slot"; select "Wallet" from the pop-up.

Contents of the Wallet

A typical Basic Wallet
A typical Basic Wallet - showing the enhancement button

Basic Wallet

Your Wallet may contain any of the following items:
The contents of your wallet are constantly changing with each Update, hence the following list may be incomplete.
  • Coin
    • Gold, Silver, Copper NOTE: Total is limited to 9999G 999S 99C!
    • Mithril Coin - Account Shared
  • Item Advancement
  • Other
  • How many "Destiny Points" you have accumulated are displayed if you click on the "Perks" button at the lower left of the Wallet. This opens another window showing what "perks" you can spend those points on.
(Note: These points are Account Shared)

Premium Wallet

The top half of a typical Enhanced Wallet
The bottom half of a typical Enhanced Wallet
The contents of your wallet are constantly changing with each Update, hence the following list is incomplete.
The "Crafting" items are the output of Crafted Relics recipes for T6 (Supreme) thru T9 (Westemnet)
  • Coin


  • Purchasing the Premium Wallet does not remove the gold cap.
  • Skirmish Marks, which appear in the barter wallet (for any of several reasons), will be automatically converted to marks the next time you log in.
  • Wallet items which are stored in the Vault or Shared Vault remain there until they are withdrawn from the vault. At that time, they are transferred from your inventory into the wallet, and converted if appropriate.
  • Old wallet items are converted to their equivalent new items after your character logs out and logs in again.
  • Commendations are limited to a total of 15,000 per account, not per character!

History of the "Wallet"

With the November 2010 update (Free-to-Play -- F2P), in response to player demands, Turbine implemented a new (revised) Barter Wallet. Usually just referred to as the "Wallet."

This has been revised (expanded) with every release since its introduction.

If you are having trouble locating your various reward items, please check your Barter Wallet, they will no longer take up space in your character's inventory (Bags, Vault or Shared Storage).

Update 5 Changes

With Update 5, all the various Skirmish rewards were consolidated into Marks, Medallions or Seals, and now called "Currency," and all stored in the Wallet.

The Skirmish Exchange vendor in the Skirmish Camps is now the Currency Exchange vendor, though he now can only downgrade currency. Seals may be sold for Medallions, and Medallions sold for Marks. Additionally, he will exchange Superior Fourth Marks for either Medallions or Seals.

The following turned into Marks:

Skirmish Marks, Recruit's Mark, Footman's Mark, Veteran Footman's Mark, Esquire's Mark, Veteran Esquire's Mark, Guardsman's Mark, Veteran Guardsman's Mark, Sergeant-at-Arms Mark, Veteran Sergeant-at-Arms Mark, Arnorian Armour Fragment, Battered Arnorian Armour,

The following turned into Medallions:

Eruilan Campaign Mark, Adlan Campaign Mark, Naillan Campaign Mark, Cannuilan Campaign Mark, Lefnuilan Campaign Mark, Enguilan Campaign Mark, Odothuilan Campaign Mark, Annúminas Mark, Eregion Mark, Helegrod Mark, Great Barrow Mark, Inn of the Forsaken Mark, Halls of Night Mark, Veteran's Fourth Mark, Fourth Mark, Superior Third Mark, Veteran's Third Mark, Third Mark, Veteran's Second Mark, Second Mark, Veteran's First Mark, First Mark, Broken Arnorian Pauldrons, Broken Arnorian Shirt, Broken Arnorian Leggings, Thorog's Fang, Thorog's Claw, Thorog's Horn, Scrap of Storvâgûn's Armour, Zaudru's Stinger, Amulet of the Witch-King,

See: www.lotro.com/gameinfo/devdiaries/1631-update-5-currency-consolidation-developer-diary

Note that items stored in your vault are not move to the wallet, until they are withdrawn to your inventory.

Update 6 Changes

The LOTRO store offeres the Premium Wallet Upgrade, which allows most barter items to be stored in the wallet.

"Free up more space for crafting, looting, treasure, and more! This upgrade is account wide and will apply to all existing characters and future characters you create. It will allow you to carry more barter items, tokens, and currencies in your wallet, rather than in your bank or inventory. This includes instance and skirmish tokens, region barter tokens, festival tokens, taxidermy barter items, legendary item barter tokens, crafting instance tokens and crafted runic barter items."

The Barter Wallet holds all Marks, Medallions and Seals used to purchase items from the Skirmish Barter Vendors, and others as well as all Anniversary Tokens.

See also: Update 6: Commendations Developer Diary

Commendations are a per-server, account shared currency in Monster Play.

Store Location: Account → Account Upgrades

Update 10 Changes

The release of Update 10 will introduce a new in-game currency called Mithril Coins . They can be purchased in the LOTRO store with LOTRO Points and can be used for a variety of services including Stablemasters, Fast Travel to NPCs in quests, Reviving, Mannequins, and Daily Quest resets.

Update 21.3 Changes

Motes of Enchantment now has a currency cap of 10,000, and now automatically goes into the Barter Wallet. Players who currently have more Motes than the cap will be unable to Disenchant items until they lower their Motes of Enchantment below the cap.

Update 22.3 Changes

Festivity Tokens were added are automatically added into the Barter Wallet when acquired.

Update 22.4.1 Changes

Festivity Tokens now have a cap of 40 in the Barter Wallet.
Thrang's Vault Tokens now always go into the Barter Wallet, and have a cap of 40.
Newfound Coins can now be found in the Instances and Skirmishes wallet category if you have the Premium Wallet upgrade.

Update 28 Changes

Tarnished Sigil's of Gondor now go into the Barter Wallet.

Update 30.1.2 Changes

Coins of the Bugan now go into the Barter Wallet.