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There are several currencies in use in the game. The primary way to buy goods is Money, often just called Gold. All kinds of items throughout Middle-earth can be bought using it.

LOTRO Points

LOTRO Points (or LP) are another kind of currency. While they can be earned through certain actions within the game, they can also be bought using real-world money. LP are used for purchasing in the LOTRO Store, they are not needed to purchase goods from vendors in Middle-earth.

Mithril Coins

Mithril Coins are a premium currency that can not be earned in-game, they have to be bought from the LOTRO Store using LP. Unlike LP, these coins are usable for certain transactions in Middle-earth, although all of them can be considered a premium service. Among its uses are unlocking travel-routes without having to discover them first, repairing equipment at any location, and teleporting to the location of quest objectives.

Barter items

Additionally, there are many items that can be used for barter. These are often focused on a certain region. Some of these items are listed at Barter. For a full list, see Barter Items.

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