Item:Mark of Triumph

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Mark of Triumph
  • Bind On Acquire
  • Barter Item
  • "A small ribbon commemorating your triumph in a battle defending the peoples of Middle-earth."

Where to get?

You can receive a Mark of Triumph for revisiting the epic book instances starting with Book IV. Visit the Sage of Eriador at the reflecting pools and accept the quest you want to revisit. Every quest has a cooldown for 5 days. After finishing the instance, revisit the Sage to get your Mark.

Quest list

Barter Information


Sage of Eriador Region Location Coords
Rostellen Angmar Aughaire [0.6N, 39.5W]
Maleniel Evendim Tinnudir [12.0S, 68.1W]
Maedbrennil Forochel Sûri-kylä [19.3N, 70.9W]
Taidbes Trollshaws Rivendell [29.5S, 3.8W]
Item to Receive Items to Trade
 Sealed Writ of Helegrod 30 Marks of Triumph
 Sealed Writ of Annúminas 16 Marks of Triumph
 Sealed Writ of Angmar 8 Marks of Triumph
 Vile Silver Coin 2 Marks of Triumph
 Battered Arnorian Armour 2 Marks of Triumph
 Master Jeweller Scroll Case 3 Marks of Triumph
 Master Metalsmith Scroll Case 3 Marks of Triumph
 Master Scholar Scroll Case 3 Marks of Triumph
 Master Tailor Scroll Case 3 Marks of Triumph
 Master Weaponsmith Scroll Case 3 Marks of Triumph
 Master Woodworker Scroll Case 3 Marks of Triumph
2 Distilled Athelas Essences  Mark of Triumph
2 Distilled Celebrant Salves  Mark of Triumph
 Brilliant Edhelharn Token 2 Marks of Triumph
 Beryl Shard 10 Marks of Triumph