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Category:Dunland: Bonevales Quests

Epic Quests

  • Depending on which path you take from Lhanuch, the Epic Line of Volume III, Book 4, Chapter 2 will take you into either the Bonevales or Trum Dreng.
  1. [66] Volume III, Book 4, Chapter 2: Land of the Stag
  2. [67] Book 4, Chapter 3: South-west to Galtrev


  • There are 34 quests in the Bonevales - all are level 66.
  • The Deed "Quests in the Bonevales" requires the completion of 30 Quests.

1- [66] Mysterious Happenings - Bledhun [74.4S, 16.6W]

2- [66] A Bit of Breathing Room

3- [66] Resting Place

4- [66] Allies and Enemies

5- [66] Bloody Nose - Naeglanc [77.4S, 15.8W]

6- [66] Tainted Chain - mob drop - Bone Quarry to Ilar gates A link in the Chain

7- [66] A Glimpse of the Fall -- mob drop chain link - turn in to Ilar

8- [66] Something Foul - solo

9- [66] Final Rest

10- [66] Inspire Hope - Lhucu [76.2S, 18.0W]

Parru [76.8S, 18.2W]
Nia [76.5S, 18.3W]

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