Torgris, the Hidden Cleft

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Torgris, the Hidden Cleft
Type: Camp
Region: Morgul Vale
Area: Thuringwath
Location: [68.1S, 6.5E]

Torgris, the Hidden Cleft

Torgris is a landmark within Thuringwath, in the Morgul Vale. [68.1S, 6.5E]

With many of their number too fearful to press into the shadows of Thuringwath, the Rangers of Ithilien make camp at Torgris, the Hidden Cleft, a small crack in the heart of Falch Gurth.

Torgris is accessed by a narrow track off the wider pass of Falch Gurth, climbing up into the Ephel Dúath. Those Rangers who became too ill or too afraid to continue made camp here while Nidhlas and the rest of his men entered the valley of Thuringwath.



These deeds can be advanced by visiting Torgris.