The Rotting Cellar

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Settlements-icon.png The Rotting Cellar
Region: Moria
Area: The Water-works
Location: [15.1S, 112.1W]
A view over the Rotting Cellar


The Rotting Cellar is a settlement in the Water-works. [15.1S, 112.1W]

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Facilities and Services

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The brackish damp and mould of the deep Waterworks have led the dwarves of the expedition to name this place the Rotting Cellar. The air seems laden with an unhealthy mildew, though the views offered over the once-great Waterworks of Moria remains awe-inspiring.
When the expedition from the West finally made it through the Silvertine Lodes and into the Waterworks, it stopped here in a defensible public square partway down the cliffs from the arching bridges that crisscross in front of Durin's Beard. Those brave Dwarves established what is now the deepest colonial outpost in Moria.
High amid towers and waterwheels in the northeast corner of the Waterworks, the expedition camp known fondly as the Rotting Cellars serves as a clean and surprisingly lively base for questing heroes in the region.
With their customarily grumpy sense of humor, the Dwarves call this place the Rotting Cellar. Though broken crystal lamps and defunct waterwheels litter the place, it is clean and quiet, warm with the fires of newly built ovens. It also serves as home to a Stable-master, and perhaps most vitally, it affords a view of the rooftops and caverns below that is both enchanting and strategic.
From here, Dwarf-smiths devise ways to restore the water-driven mills and pumps. Expedition leaders recruit travelers and explorers for scouting missions, and sentries keep watch for Orc-raiders and bold beasts storming out of the mist. [1]