The Deep Way

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The Deep Way
Type: cave
Region: Moria
Area: The Great Delving
Location: [7.5S, 112.0W]


The Deep Way or the Deep-way is a tunnel which connects two parts of Moria: the Water-works and the Great Delving. The Great Delving is physically above the Water Works. The Well in the Chamber of the Crossroads drops down directly into the Water Works.


The Water-works entrance

The entrance in the Water-works is at [13.6S, 112.0W], just north of the Rotting Cellar. You enter through a small door that can easily be overlooked.

The entrance in the Great Delving can be reached from the Vault of Durin. You have to enter the door at [9.1S, 113.5W].


From the The Twenty-first Hall the 2 fastest known routes (between 1 minute and 90 seconds, on a +78% mount) are:

  • For higher-level characters, who will not aggro the hostile foes en route, Swift Travel to Dolven-view, jump down through the plaza, eastward, level by level, passing south of the large geode in the courtyard (jumping a level at a time will avoid defeat by misadventure) and head to the Deep-way entrance from the Vault of Durin. Items (such as Fall Injury Immunity) or skills (such as Burglar Safe Fall) which prevent fall injury, can reduce the overall travel time slightly.
  • A safer, but slightly slower route, is to Swift Travel to Chamber of the Crossroads, jump in the well, which causes defeat by misadventure, and travel to the entrance on the Water-works side, from the resurrection ring, also known as a "rez circle". Note that jumping in this well will also satisfy the condition of the A Deep Well deed.


Quest Involvement

Related quests that start or are found in this area include: