Talath Anor

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Areas-icon.png Talath Anor
Region: Old Anórien
Landmark(s): Eryn Cordovath
Parth Duin
Parth Lisc
Parth Gladló
Cair Andros
Jal Kepir
Parth Forant
Dúneth's Camp
Jal Vârsha
Settlement(s): Crithost
Pelennor Fields
Levels: Mainly 100
Resource tier: 10
Talath Anor.jpg


Talath Anor is an area within Old Anórien.

Laying just north of the Out-wall of the Pelennor Fields, the stout Rammas Echor, the plains of Talath Anor stretch between the Anduin to the east and the mysterious Drúadan Forest to the west. The North-south Road leads through this area, connecting Minas Tirith to the rest of Anórien, and Rohan.


The following settlements are found within this area:


These landmarks are located within Talath Anor:


The following creatures are found within this area:


Talath Anor map.jpg

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